Featured: The men, women and Ben behind Redbin, a growing award-winning creative agency

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — We live in an interconnected world, so much so in advertising where ideas have their own way of connecting, or reconnecting with each other. Just like what happens during a creative process, one thought collides with another, and voila—a groundbreaking idea comes out. New big ideas are formed with the combination of existing random ideas.

The same is true for one of today’s growing award-winning creative firms in the Philippines.
Formed on August 31, 2017, Redbin is an anagram of the surname, Berdin—the founder of the agency that provides solutions anchored on strategic creativity. Who would have thought that after mixing up this six-letter surname, it will forge a young, passionate, propitious, and empowered creative firm that turns business struggles into business success in the most cost-efficient way.


Redbin is the name, but do not mistake it for a rubbish bin. It is not called Redbin for nothing. Guided by its PISO philosophy (Problem In, Solution Out), Redbin welcomes clients to throw in their problems, and the agency will bring out strategic creative solutions. As a brand-first agency, Redbin drives results by creating stronger connections between brands and consumers.

The agency comprises problem solvers who deliver works that are combined with a well-thought-of strategy that springs to life in new, innovative, creative ways. Redbin may be a small creative firm, but they produce big agency output. Attesting to this is their successful TGPagpagaling campaign for The Generics Pharmacy that has positioned the brand to a level no other pharma has done before. Not to mention, their award-winning omni-channel communication hub for an international brand.

From one pitch to another, Redbin only prepares for one thing. They prepare for the win. And the formula of the problem solvers, is knowing their brands and audiences by heart, because only then can they provide the best solutions.

The Ben Berdin Behind Redbin

There won’t be a Redbin without Ben Berdin. But it goes beyond the surname. The agency exists as it fuses its passion for strategic creativity with a purpose. The founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative shared, “I want to inspire the young ones. The idea of having an agency had been lying dormant in my head even when I was still in Publicis JimenezBasic, occasionally popping out in conversations over some fish balls or beer with my ex-colleagues.”

“Countless conversations later, Redbin was officially registered.”

You may know Ben as the former Business Unit Head and Group Creative Director at Publicis JimenezBasic who cross-specializes in strategy development, creative direction and business management—the art-based adman with 23 years of experience under his belt whose creativity brought some of the country’s biggest brands to greater creative heights such as Alaxan, Revicon, Bioflu, Solmux, Jollibee, Chowking, Magnolia Ice Cream, among others.

But Ben actually started as a junior writer under the late advertising guru, Roger Pe. He narrates, “Knowing how brilliant Roger Pe was, I failed to meet his standards so he kicked me out. He made me realize that I was just pretending to be a writer, so I immediately moved to Avellana & Associates and then Basic Advertising as a visualizer. Within a year or so, Basic and JimenezDarcy merged as PublicisJimenezBasic. From there on, I worked my way to ultimately become who I am today under the guidance of so many brilliant people, especially Mon and Abby.”

And now that Ben has his own agency, this is what he brings with him at Redbin, both for his team and clients. “I bring with me the wisdom that I’ve gained from working on a lot of brands, big and small alike; exchanging ideas with a lot of brilliant minds in the industry, most of whom you don’t see their names in awards shows but are actually the ones behind great campaigns; decisive and fearless clients responsible for making any ad agency great; my rich and real life insights as a consumer myself.”

When it comes to his expertise, it is a given fact that Ben is a strategist and a creative storyteller. But when it comes to his leadership style, he desires to surround himself with people who are better than him. Yes, because he continues to learn, and he wants the agency to continue to grow. But here is a more candid answer from Ben himself, “I surround myself with people better than me, so I won’t have to work anymore, as much as possible.”

The Men & Women Behind Redbin

Alongside Ben Berdin, of course, is his growing powerhouse team of problem solvers whose combined talents result in helping brands connect to consumers, deliver results, and win awards in the process as a consequence of the good works. Because of the team’s synergy, Ben describes the problem solvers as indisputable.

“Coming from different generations and backgrounds, each has its own way of attacking a problem. However, when put together for a unified purpose, they become irrefutable.”

From having less than 10 employees to more than 30 employees now, Redbin continues to grow, and Ben recognizes that it is all because of its people. The people he hired not only for their talent, but most importantly for their attitude. The very people whom he wants to go with, not only to the hearts of consumers, awards shows, and e-numan, but literally, to places Redbin has never been before. No wonder Ben looks forward to hopping on a plane, and going on a post-pandemic international trip with the whole team.

Ben believes there is life after work. And so he doesn’t forget that he is a father of 4, an entrepreneur, and a business partner to his wife and close friends who aren’t in advertising. As he says, “Beer is my companion. Tennis is my mistress.”

Similar to how a creative agency was formed after connecting the letters of a surname, Redbin invites brands to work together with the agency, and with their collective efforts, they will form brands that are rooted in strategic creative solutions.

Visit and connect with Redbin on LinkedIn and Facebook to learn more.

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