People: Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam leads the industry with dynamic diversity & inclusion approach

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – CEO Jai Kotecha ranked 8th in the global top 100 EMpower  Ethnic Minority Executives Role Model 2021 list! 

Diversity and Inclusion is such an important focus in new CEO Jai Kotecha’s vision for the  Netherlands based agency that, within 5 months of joining, Kotecha instituted a dynamic and  all-inclusive D&I policy and is now recognized as one of the top 8 global EMpower Ethnic  Minority Executives Role Models for 2021 making him the top CEO recognized for his leadership  in removing barriers on the road to success and inclusion for ethnic minority employees in the  Netherlands. 

Necessary and important changes  


This nomination stems from Jai Kotecha’s contribution to a few noteworthy disciplines. In the  past 5 months, Kotecha introduced important changes around inclusion within the building and  amongst employees. Changes were made at Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam through the  introduction of Gender Identity policies affirming support to all employees, especially for  nonbinary or gender non-conforming individuals, gender-neutral facilities and Women’s Health  policies covering menstrual cycles, hormone treatments, and (pre)menopause. In addition to  dynamic parental support, physical and mental health challenges are addressed through the  Ogilvy “I Am Here” initiative giving employees and their family members access to support.  

Another industry first is the ReWired program that opens the conversation around  Neurodivergence and gives those with ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia an empowering work  environment where their neurological differences are recognized and respected as any other  human variation. Implemented in the Ogilvy Social.Lab employee handbook, this program empowers the individual and creates a platform for conversations around the diversity of  thought, divergent creativity and the power of extraordinary ideas.  

As Jai Kotecha leads the Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam team into an even more extensive D&I  roll-out that goes beyond policies, these are considered necessary and imposing changes  Kotecha would not have been able to make and implement without the support and  commitment of Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam’s People Manager, Manon Claes. With every new  initiative brought to the table by Kotecha, Claes has been the linking-pin to drive the change  and put all policies into place.  

Aggressive approach to achieve even greater successes in the future 

Manon Claes: “Our new policies have been developed to reflect the growth we are going  through as an agency and we will keep building these as we evolve. We are proud to  have all our talented people on board and believe everyone should feel safe, heard, and  valued. Diversity & Inclusion is dear to us and we know it is key in achieving even bigger  successes in the future.” 

Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam will continue to grow its D&I values by partnering with OnePlus, a  diverse employment program designed to introduce, accelerate and provide access to the  internships and employment to passionate people of colour and underrepresented ethnic  creatives in the 16-28 year age category. Furthermore, Kotecha formed an Inclusion Board that  will further promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the EMEA markets. With the vision of Jai  Kotecha and the strong management team there are many more future focused Diversity and  Inclusion initiatives to follow. 

Leading the industry 

Every employee at Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam should experience a work culture of belonging  where their needs are cared for by their peers and management. With the dynamic approach of  Ogilvy Social.Lab’s management, the agency shows it looks after its people like no other agency  

does and leads the industry by ensuring an inclusive and dynamic workplace for everyone no  matter who they are, their challenges or their role within the agency. These are important and  requisite steps for Ogilvy to not only make brands matter but also affirm to make their people  matter.

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