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People: Sweetshop reveals Fausto Becatti as newest director to represent across Asia

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Award-winning and globally-recognized director Fausto Becastti has signed with production house Sweetshop for representation across Asia.

Fausto is a heady mix of Italian, Argentinian, and South African. He lives for filmmaking as well as photography, music, travel, and adventure. This electric, hot-blooded background can be seen in Fausto’s work which often feels like a fever dream – passionate, vibrant, and otherworldly. As a director, Fausto pairs bright, saturated visuals with poignant, epic storytelling for an evocative, all-consuming result.


While a conceptual filmmaker at heart, driven to craft considered, designed imagery, Fausto also evokes authentic, passionate, and energized performances from his cast. He is particularly skilled at pairing striking cinematic visuals with emotive music, crafting images that pulse to a beat. Fausto strives to keep things fun and happy on set, describing it as his absolute happy place, with a genuine desire that everyone else feels that way when shooting with him.

Fausto’s work has been lauded at The One Show, D&AD, Ciclope Africa, and The Loeries Awards.

Penny Woo, executive producer of Sweetshop Asia said, “We have been immensely impressed by Fausto’s distinct style and the aesthetic in his work. He pushes the boundaries with visuals, creating evocative work that is rooted in story. And he is an absolute pleasure to work with on and off set. We can’t wait to see what we will do together at Sweetshop.”

Wilf Sweetland, CEO of Sweetshop stated, “We hold Fausto and the craft he conveys in his commercials in the highest regard. He has a beautiful eye for detail when creating even the grandest of scenes. Throughout his work he expresses both a sense of intimacy and style that draws in the audience, demanding their attention. Fausto is creative, collaborative, and a wonderful human being, and we are thrilled that he has chosen to join Sweetshop.”

Fausto added, “As a young filmmaker, I have witnessed the success of Sweetshop over the past years, and admired its craft and creativity very much, so it is a great honor for me to have this opportunity to join the team. We can’t wait to make distinctive and memorable work together with the great team! In addition, working with Asian creatives is really exciting!”

Watch Fausto’s work here.

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