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Campaign Spotlight: Leo Burnett Ukraine asks, what if icons of peace got tired too?

KYIV, UKRAINE — In this new campaign by creative agency Leo Burnett Ukraine, part of Publicis Groupe Ukraine, the creators asked the world community one simple question: What if world-famous icons that symbolize peace, freedom, and harmony suddenly declare that they are tired of defending true human values? What if the Statue of Liberty in New York gets tired of standing up for freedom? What if Jesus Christ gets tired of protecting humanity? What if Buddha gets tired of bringing harmony to this world? What then happens?

“What if?” is the rhetorical question that Leo Burnett Ukraine asks the world today, but the answer is up to everyone. While all the icons in the campaign visuals are depicted as tired with their hands down, the campaign encourages the audience: “Keep your hands up to stand for true human values!”


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