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Music: Indie artist Nikki Nava returns with ‘Ephemeral,’ a summer single fit for the rainy season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — After years since the release of her last singles “Secrets” and “Emergency Room,” independent singer-songwriter Nikki Nava returns with her newest track, “Ephemeral.”

“Ephemeral” offers a refreshing and infectious upbeat vibe that will take listeners back to a nostalgic summer. Featuring a spirited production accompanied by a full band, Nikki Nava’s new single is a slight deviation from her previous works that are minimalist in structure, only consisting of delicate vocals and an electric guitar accompaniment.


While it may sound like a perfect summer pick-me-upper, the song unveils an irrepressible melancholy with Nikki Nava’s tuneful storytelling and creative lyricism.

“Ephemeral” is a dreamy recollection of our short-lived connections. But unlike most endings with goodbye as the last word spoken, the song finishes with a hopeful wish to meet again whenever fate permits.

Nikki Nava, together with Funkybeat Entertainment, will be holding a video and merch launch party for Ephemeral on August 19, 9 pm, at 123 Block in Mandala Park, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong. Joining Nikki Nava for this night of music are Filipino artists Coeli, ToneeJay, The Ridleys, and Leanne and Naara.

“Ephemeral” will be released under Wide Eyed Records Manila.

“Ephemeral” will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Music, and other digital music streaming platforms starting August 12.

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