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Brand & Business: Lalamove Partners with Gawad Kalinga 
to Build a Kusina ng Kalinga Food Center for the Kids of Quezon City

Hunger is known to be the world’s most solvable problem. However, it still affects millions of lives around the world. In the Philippines, malnutrition has contributed to the death of 95 children each day. A total of 27 out of 1,000 Filipino children will not even pass the age of 5. A third of Filipino children are short for their age or stunted which can be permanent, irreversible and even fatal after 2 years of age. According to the 2017 End of Childhood Survey, which ranks the best and worst countries for children to live in, the Philippines ranked 96 out of 172 countries which states the poor performance of the country due to chronic malnutrition.

This health problem is caused by the lack of access to nutritious food, lack of proper nutrition education, and poor health and sanitation services. A Unicef study stated that more than 29,000 children die annually due to the gravity of malnutrition in the country. This has also caused the Philippines to lose around 220 billion pesos yearly as a result of lost productivity and health care expenses due to malnutrition.

Lalamove wants to help in providing a sustainable solution towards solving this problem, which is why they partnered  with Gawad Kalinga in  launching Hatid Kusina, Hatid Kalinga. It has always been Lalamove’s pursuit to help communities through delivery, and now as Lalamove celebrates its 3rd year anniversary, they hope to create more impact through this project that will provide a community kitchen for the kids of Talipapa, Quezon City.  Hatid Kusina, Hatid Kalinga will provide daily nutritious lunch meals to children from public schools, streets, and conflict areas in addition to their 12 existing Kusinas ng Kalinga all over the country. Not only will this provide the children with nutritious food, but also a fighting chance to achieve their full potential. Through this project, Lalamove and Gawad Kalinga  to provide a sustainable solution to ending malnutrition among underprivileged Filipino children.


Lalamove users can take part in the construction and development of the new Kusina ng Kalinga, by frequently using Lalamove’s services to satisfy their delivery and purchasing needs. To know more about how you can be a part of this movement for good nutrition, visit lalamove.com/hatidkusinahatidkalinga.

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