MANILA – In a surprising announcement, content marketing agency Brand New Media and MediaQuest’s TV5 will cease their current partnership agreement in the Philippines. Both Brand New Media and TV5 have agreed to focus on their individual core businesses.

In an exclusive with adobo, Brand New Media Chief Executive Officer Damien Bray shared some of the reasons why the move was made. “There are many operational challenges for a small entrepreneurial business in operating as part of a much larger corporate organization,” Bray shared. “We decided that the Brand New Media model which requires innovation, disruption, and speed to market, would have stronger opportunities as an independent business.”

Asked if the cessation of this partnership means Brand New Media will now work with other media entities such as ABS-CBN or GMA Network, Bray said, “Brand New Media will work with any media business who can deliver highly targeted and cost effective audience engagement for the content we produce for our brand partners.”

“Strong holistic content marketing activations that disrupt the traditional advertising model,” are what Bray promises from the agency in the immediate future. He adds that Brand New Media still aims to provide, “a combination of high quality creative content and storytelling backed by the science of data driven consumer marketing.”

Regarding Brand New Media’s long term plans, Bray says, “Brand New Media has had strong success since we launched in the Philippines. We are producing content for many leading brands in the market. We are seeing very strong growth in demand for holistic end to end content marketing services. This is a sunrise category within the marketing services sector in the Philippines and as such, we see BNM being perfectly placed to be a strong thought leader and change agent moving forward.

Brand New Media will continue its content marketing business in the Philippines as an independent agency, working closely with agencies and clients looking to deliver world’s best practice content marketing activations.

BNM Head of Content, Sansan De Leon Krijgsveld, together with other key members of the BNM Philippines team, will lead the business forward under the direction of Bray.