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CtrlShift to oversee Microsoft Advertising sales in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines

MANILA – CtrlShift, the largest independent digital marketing company in Southeast Asia, has been named Microsoft’s exclusive sales partner for advertising in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, extending its partnership with Microsoft to four Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia.

Since 2014, CtrlShift has been partnering Microsoft to deliver innovative advertising solutions to brands and agencies in Malaysia. Starting today, CtrlShift will offer inventory across Microsoft’s unique suite of advertising solutions including MSN, Skype, Windows, Windows Ads-in-Apps and, to brands in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, across devices and platforms.

In addition to tapping on Microsoft’s wide audience base in Southeast Asian markets, the partnership also enables CtrlShift to provide programmatic buying to brands and advertisers via the Microsoft Advertising Exchange (MAX), underscoring the agency’s intent on becoming the leading programmatic marketing solutions provider in Southeast Asia.


The Microsoft Advertising Exchange, powered by AppNexus, is an open, Real-Time-Bidded (RTB) marketplace that has been delivering quality, choice and efficiency at scale to demand partners in Asia since 2014. Through the Microsoft Advertising Exchange, quality, brand-safe audience inventory on Microsoft’s key properties MSN, Skype, Windows, Windows Ads-in-Apps and is made available to marketers in real time. It also offers more choices for marketers to reach their audiences on PC, tablet and mobile, and increases efficiency by enabling waste reduction through real-time bidding on an impression-by-impression basis and valuing each impression according to the insights and data the marketer already uses.

“This is a great opportunity for CtrlShift to grow its digital advertising business in tandem with Microsoft in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. We foresee strong growth in the reserved and programmatic buying space across Microsoft’s platforms and devices, and are excited to be working with them to provide premium advertising solutions to advertisers in these markets,” said Ong Sea Yen, Head of Business Consulting, CtrlShift.

“Singaporeans, Thais and Filipinos are avid adopters of all things digital. With advertisers demanding a stronger digital presence and in the process of shifting large chunks of traditional media budgets towards online brand building, we believe that Microsoft’s advertising solutions will provide the perfect platforms for brands to tell rich and engaging brand stories to their desired audiences,” added Sea Yen.

“Microsoft is delighted to be extending our partnership with CtrlShift across three more Southeast Asia markets,” said Ken Chang, Regional Director for Advertising, India, Southeast Asia and Korea, Microsoft. “CtrlShift is a great sales partner who has deep relationships with brands and agencies in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Their expertise will be invaluable in delivering advertising solutions in this mobile-first, cloud-first world for Microsoft’s trusted properties across devices and platforms.”

“The extension of this partnership also underscores our commitment to grow our display advertising footprint in Asia. By strengthening our links to brands and agencies through local sales partners, this will pave the way for brands to have easy access to our growing product portfolio, and in turn enable them to tap into our rich reservoir of data and insights to connect with consumers with the right brand messages, at the right moments throughout the day,” added Ken.

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