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Digital: Canva Introduces New Presentation Features for On-The-Go Filipinos

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Design platform, Canva, rolled out a suite of exciting new
presentation features which will make accessing, editing, and viewing presentations
easier for mobile phone users. Responsive Presentations, Presentations Playlist,
and Live Q&A are now conveniently at hand for Canva users, offering the design community access to thousands of free designer-made templates, photos, videos,
charts and illustrations all in one place.

According to Statista, the number of Filipino smartphone users is expected to rise by
8% in the year 2021, from an estimate of 30.4 million in 2017. With Canva’s
enhanced mobile creation and viewing format for presentations, Canva Responsive
Presentation users are to enjoy the seamless experience of crafting and sharing
presentations through their smartphones.

“With the advent of these easy and efficient mobile first presentation features, we
hope to enable and empower Filipinos to create their business pitches, school
assignments, and creative decks anytime, and anywhere, be it on their desktops or
smartphones.” said Yani Hornilla-Donato, country manager of Canva Philippines.


Team presentations are also made easier with Canva's Presentation Playlist. It
facilitates a faster workflow with folders, enabling speakers to place all their decks in
a shared folder, where they can access and edit their presentations, and leave
comments within the design.

“The Canva Presentation Playlist is the right fit for teams with agile members. It
creates an accessible space for collaboration through shared folders. It also builds a
single coherent event with transitional slides introducing each speaker,” Donato

The Live Q&A, an additional feature in the pipeline, will be coming soon. This feature
encourages a more engaging dynamic between the speaker and audience.

Audiences will be able to participate in from any device and have the option to send
in questions anonymously. Canva also offers over a thousand designer-made
templates, 50 million premium images and videos, and thousands of animated
characters for a more visually appealing presentation.

“Today’s communicators can fully leverage the power of digital technology as they
turn to the reimagined presentation experience that Canva offers. With these new
features, presenters will be able to put their ideas and concepts across in an
engaging, inspiring, and creative way,” Donato added.

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