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Digital: GIGIL Brings Back Indierectory to Celebrate Creative Freedom for Freelancers All Over Manila 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Hungry for a freelance gig? Here’s Indierectory 2020, giving independent talents the platform to showcase their special combination of skills to clients looking for side-hustlers for their projects.

Launched in 2019, the platform had a successful run, with 77 members currently on the list. It opened again for sign-ups starting February 25, 2020, to champion the spirit of freedom. And within a day of announcing its call for entries, sign-ups nearly doubled from last year’s.

Many have already benefited from the Indierectory.


“Working as a freelance creative before, mahirap talaga to look for clients. It’s [really] helpful to be in a platform that allows me to easily promote my works and expand my network… What I like the most about it is the fact na it’s free and it’s easy to join. Just sign up in a few minutes, get your credentials online, and wait until the opportunity omes to you.” – Abbie Demavivas

“Back when I was freelancing, I randomly got an e-mail saying they got my name and portfolio from there (Indierectory). I did not only get project-based stints but also scored job offers and interviews. But since “freelancing is life” ako noon, I accepted the project-based ones which were mostly on art direction and FA for billboards.

“It was honestly a good move from my end kasi sobrang laking tulong niya noon especially since I was living alone and I had bills to pay. Malaking tulong talaga dahil kapag freelance creative, you’re not living from paycheck to paycheck.” – Hannah Vailoces

To sign up, visit the Indierectory 2020 at

For more questions, contact the administrators at

The Indierectory is an initiative by GIGIL, an independent ideas agency, to support freelancers and keep the indie spirit alive.

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