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Film: The Film Development Council of the Philippines is asking us to binge during quarantine, and we’re more than happy to

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Although the country has been gradually easing down on restrictions, many of us still find ourselves under some form of quarantine that seems likely to continue in the foreseeable future. And as the dangers of COVID-19 continue, so does the effort to maintain proper social distancing and avoiding unnecessary mass gathering. With this in mind, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) launches Binging During Quarantine, a campaign encouraging us to promote our love for cinema by sharing our favorite films and series we’ve seen on various online platforms during this quarantine period.

During the quarantine period, many of us have found solace and entertainment through the various films and tv series available in different online platforms. Several filmmakers and productions have also released their films for free online, encouraging folks to stay at home to help slow the spread of coronavirus. 

Through “Binging During Quarantine,” various film industry personalities will be sharing their favorite films and what they’ve been binging on while stuck at home during the countrywide quarantine. Such examples include actress Cherie Gil, who shared her love for the late Peque Gallaga’s films as well as Kalel, 15 actor Elijah Canlas, who shared five of his favorite films.


Alongside these recommendations, FDCP has been releasing reviews and articles about different Philippine movies that we’ve been binging on ourselves. These have included reviews on Birdshot, Bayaning Third World, Signal Rock, I’m Drunk I Love You, and more. Read the reviews here.

It is not often we can help out a cause by staying at home, but under the coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves in unusual circumstances. By ‘Binging During Quarantine,’ we will be both slowing the spread of the coronavirus and supporting the film industry through online streaming platforms. The various recommendations of the film industry personalities may also bring a further connection to the films as movie-lovers, and help build a sense of community during this period of isolation in our homes. 

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