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Mega Sardines’ Mega Sariwa Mega Sarap advertising campaign wins Panata Excellence Awards in Brand Positioning-Bronze and People’s Choice Excellence in Brand Positioning-Gold

MANILA – Heart and passion. These are two attributes that define Mega Sardines, a brand loved by Filipinos around the country.

This heart and passion is alive in everything that the company does, including its Mega Sariwa Mega Sarap advertising campaign which recently won the Bronze at the Panata Excellence Awards in Brand Positioning, as well as the Gold for People’s Choice Excellence in Brand Positioning.

Panata Awards is the country’s premier annual recognition program for effective communication marketing.  It awards brands for campaigns that reflect excellent marketing and brand-strengthening practices, and actively supports the importance of responsible and forward-thinking work that will inspire nation-building and nurturing the future.


Driven by heart and passion, Mega Sardines told its story from the heart, making its story stand out from that of other brands. The ad, which starred Piolo Pascual, focused on the brand’s unique and meticulous 12-hour catching-to-canning process, which captures the passion in the company’s method. The ad campaign’s message was clear: Mega Sardines is harvested with dedication, made with love.

In the TV and radio ad, Piolo takes Mega’s fishing boat and witnesses the hard work of the men and women who bring Mega’s quality products into Filipino homes. Online, special webisodes were uploaded on YouTube and Facebook. In these, Piolo Pascual was shown taking part in every step of the Mega Sardines production process.

By providing consumers a glimpse into the Mega fishing vessels and canning plant, the ads showcased Mega Sardines’ state-of-the-art equipment that ensure the freshness, cleanliness, and quality of its products.

Mega Sardine’s story quickly resonated well with the consumers. Following the launch of the ad campaign, Mega Sardines widened its lead against other players, despite their aggressive marketing strides. Powered by the ad, Mega Sardines kept its role as the Number 1 Sardines Brand in the country.

Beyond increasing sales, Mega Sardines also won the hearts and minds of consumers. Online, brand perception established Mega Sardines as a reliable product – one that consumers formed an emotional connection with.

As proof of this, Kantar World Panel, a global expert in shopper’s behavior, recently awarded Mega Sardines as the 12th most chosen food brand in the Philippines, putting it alongside top brand names. It is also the 39th most chosen brand within the FMCG industry.

By showing their heart and passion, Mega Sardines has remained foremost in the hearts and minds of the Filipino consumer.

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