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Mobext partners with SilverPush to tap TV analytics for mobile ads

MANILA – A retina scan leading to hyper-personalized ads as seen in the movie “Minority Report is still far fetched. But a new service from Mobext Philippines and SilverPush is promising something very close – mobile ads based on the commercials you saw on TV.

Available starting this month, the country’s first pure-play mobile marketing agency can embed an audio beacon within a TVC, a high-frequency sound that contains information like the name of campaign and time when it was aired.

Imperceptible to the human ear, the signal is picked up by a special mobile app that collects the audio beacon data to form a database that will be used to push re-targeted mobile ads to consumers.


This results in mobile device users being exposed to the same brands that they have seen on the television, which Mobext and SilverPush believes can offer solid grounds to pursue cross-channel marketing.

In addition to reinforcing a brand’s image across online and offline, SilverPush technology can also detect whether a viewer finished watching a TV ad or not, letting advertisers know what they need to change.

A startup based in India launched in April last year, SilverPush’s co-founder and chief marketing officer Mudit Seth claims that they are able to match 70 to 80% of desktop users to their mobile phones.

If Millward Brown’s Ad Reaction 2014 global survey is something to go by, -targeting using TV analytics to mobile devices makes business sense. Around 43% of the respondents in the study used mobile devices while watching television to “fill time during ad breaks.” In addition, 24% said that mobile devices help them look up information about the things they see on television.

“This technology has a lot of potential because of the sheer number of mobile users here in the Philippines. Plus, we all know that Filipinos are big TV viewers as well. It’s difficult to say exactly its impact, but I believe that this new approach will further strengthen the role of mobile in advertising and other related industries,” Mobext Philippines CEO Arthur Policarpio said.



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