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New Business: Dentsu Jayme Syfu, and the journey towards winning Chowking

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — After many years, Chowking felt it was time for a new vision. The landscape of life is changing, the market’s evolving—those who don’t adapt will fall behind.

And so, they sent a challenge—layout the new path for Chowking.


“We looked at their brand in a fresh new way. We discovered its uniqueness, their way of cooking, and the improved new taste of their products,” said Merlee Jayme, Chairmom of Dentsu Jayme Syfu. “So, the team met every day, constantly crafting and refining, not to mention feasting on their lauriat, to ensure that our ideas will take Chowking in a different trajectory.”

The road to winning, though, was challenging.

It started with an intense first round where five other big-named agencies clashed for the role. They weren’t just pure presentations—they involved critical questioning and discussions to see which agency understood Chowking’s vision.

Eventually, it came down to two agencies for the showdown. After 1,000+ slides, 19 days, five revised ideas, and the two intense pitch rounds later—Dentsu Jayme Syfu was crowned as Chowking’s new lead agency.

Excitement surged as both agency and client were receptive to how the future will progress with the presented new vision.

Ronald Barreiro, Chief Executive Officer of Dentsu Jayme Syfu, said, “What we cherish about this win is the level-relationship between client and agency. They treat us as partners, not just as advertising suppliers. We feel how much they value our input, and they’re always receptive to different POVs.”

Sharon Tanganco, VP Marketing Head of Chowking Philippines, said, “We have an exciting vision for Chowking and we are thrilled to work with a partner who is passionate about building brands and unlocking growth opportunities. Dentsu Jayme Syfu has a strong track record in delivering results thus we are excited to collaborate to further accelerate our brand momentum.”

Launching a new campaign when people are hopeful and starting to go out again bravely is encouraging and exciting. Dentsu Jayme Syfu finds this an excellent opportunity to work hard to take Chowking to its rightful destination—the top.

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