MANILA – The country’s leading innovations agency scores big at this year’s Agency of the Year Awards.

NuWorks Interactive Labs won their third straight Digital Excellence Best in Production award, proving their leadership in cutting edge creative technology and their strong grasp of consumer insights.

The Digital Excellence in Production award was given to the agency in recognition of the innovative solutions they developed with clients CLEAR, Goldilocks, and Kratos.

Jeff Saez, Chairman and President, shares that these pioneering efforts in digital production reflect NuWorks’ Storyteching philosophy: telling human stories through creative technology. And in the process, these tools effectively bring stories to bigger audiences, support client’s business, and ultimately, bring positive impact to push the local digital advertising industry forward.

“This award excites us because it allows us to discover, play, and push the boundaries of our capabilities in technology and strategic creative execution. Winning it three times validates that experimentation pays.” explains Saez.

With two consecutive wins under its belt, NuWorks stepped up its game for 2016, fielding entries that highlight the agency’s expertise and wide range of capabilities.

For its work with CLEAR, NuWorks introduced DeepDive, an innovative pre-testing process that mines insights from Filipino emotions to inspire creative content. DeepDive helps eliminate subjectivity in content development by combining neuroscience and IoT with traditional qualitative interviews to turn emotions into measurable data. The technology is designed to help brands uncover consumers’ deep-lying feelings towards a communication material.

NuWorks also worked with Goldilocks to bring excitement—particularly for millennials—back to the Filipino food scene. By creating Baker’s Rush, a casual game of a Goldilocks restaurant managed by the player and features an adorable take on classic dishes digitally crafted for mobile, both brand and agency were able to reignite millennials’ love for Filipino cuisine.

Kratos, a new player in the RTD coffee segment, partnered with NuWorks to deliver an adrenaline-filled experience to its consumers. The brand deployed a Portable Motocross Virtual Reality Pod in various BPO offices where users got to experience the combination of virtual reality stimuli and the kick of strong coffee. The project successfully translated the effects of strong coffee into a high-octane user experience.

More than the three-peat win, NuWorks is prouder that these entries were produced fully by in-house talents. “Success in tech innovation at NuWorks starts when we get everybody’s buy-in to risk on the unknown,” shares Tom de Leon, Chief Operations Officer. “The future is bright for the business that is able to embrace the power of advertising technology,” adds Mike Ng, Chief Technology Officer.

With these achievements, NuWorks is even more encouraged to apply its combined skills in creative, data, and bleeding edge technology. “Technology enables us to produce transformative solutions for our clients’ problems,” says Saez.