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PANA taps Kantar Media to monitor responsible advertising for children

MANILA – The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) has tapped television audience measurement provider Kantar Media as data source for the monitoring of TV ad placements, in line with the Philippine Pledge on Responsible Advertising to Children (RAC). 

The second edition of the Philippine Pledge on RAC advocates the responsible marketing of foods and beverages in support of parents’ efforts to promote healthy lifestyles for kids. Moreover, the pledge states that products advertised for children below 12 years old must meet specific nutritional criteria based on accepted scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines. 

It further stipulates that advertising in primary schools will not be undertaken without the express consent of the school administration and that advertising used in school should be for educational purposes only.


The PANA is leading this global advocacy in the country, and Kantar Media serves as the surveillance instrument of the advocacy as it has been monitoring whether advertisers have been complying with the standards of the pledge.

As part of the agreement, Kantar Media guides PANA to identify television programs that have the most children viewers at age 2 to 12, particularly those with 35 percent saturation or more. This list of television programs allows PANA to monitor if signatories are compliant. 

The partnership has been a success so far. “PANA is happy that KANTAR believes in the importance of the RAC pledge and is willing to lend support to help ensure the program’s successful implementation,” Digna Santos, PANA Executive Director said.

Meanwhile, according to Kantar Media General Manager Gabriel Buluran, “Kantar Media strongly supports this advocacy and is honored to be part of this cause. By providing our services for the achievement of the objectives of the RAC pledge, Kantar Media is being a responsible company and is doing its share in ensuring a healthier future for Filipino children.”

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