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Award-winning directing duo The Berry Boys signs with London production studio Kode

LONDON, UK — London production studio KODE has signed the fruitiest filmmakers in the business, the award-winning Berry Boys. Ryan Burnham and Luke Robson are set to make a splash at KODE, bringing a cocktail of original VFX, 3D, and Live Action ideas with them.

What better way to mark their arrival at KODE, than with a launch film that demonstrates the duo’s boundless energy, comedic wit, and immersive talent? The Berry Boys appear to be leaving KODE with some new glasses to try out and quickly encounter a plethora of animated characters, brought directly from the metaverse. The fun seems to take a turn when the colorful bunch unleashes their true personalities on The Berry Boys, wreaking havoc on the quiet London streets next to KODE.


The Berry Boys have worked with some of the most recognizable global brands, including Disney, EA Sports, Adidas, Snapchat, RedBull, Chelsea FC, and Formula One. They have also collaborated with celebrities such as Snoop Dog and even their childhood hero, Brazilian footballing legend, Ronaldo. Their short films Graffiti Gun, Magic Lighter, and OG Handshake have picked up multiple awards.

The dynamic duo grew up together in London. During their childhood, they discovered VFX together; honing their skills and techniques and applying them to action-packed short films. A natural progression was to set up their own post-production studio The Berry, which now services clients and projects from all over the world. Ryan and Luke built out their directing portfolio in parallel. Always forward-facing in their approach to filmmaking and post-production, with a dedicated effort to utilize emerging technologies, which has seen them dive into the metaverse, embracing this new reality through several immersive projects and NFTs with clients.

KODE directing duo The Berry Boys said, “Who better than KODE to push us Berry Boys into the future of VFX filmmaking?! We really are excited to get going and can’t wait to continue our award-winning run through original VFX, 3D, and Live Action creatives. We’ve also ended up going IN on a launch film… and once we’re back from the metaverse in one piece, we’ll be up to no good all over again on new, action-packed projects.”

KODE Executive Producer Jack Goodwin added, “The Berry Boys are exactly what our world of advertising needs. Not only are they incredibly nice and hard-working, they get the space that many of our audiences are watching and sharing the content we make. Their VFX Sketches have blown up, both visually and literally on Tik Tok, and the lovely people at Shiny, Saatchi & Saatchi New Creators Showcase and YDA have been commending them on it. Their personalities, humor, and care of craft reflect in the work they make both behind and in front of the camera, and with all this in mind, I really can’t wait to get to work.”

Working across commercials, social content, and VFX, The Berry Boys are signed with KODE for UK representation.

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