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Podcast popularity rises in the Philippines with top shows raking in laughs, learnings, and tales of life

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Podcasts have become a global phenomenon, and the Philippines is no exception. In recent years, the podcasting landscape has experienced significant growth and evolution, captivating creators and consumers alike. In this article, we explore some of the top podcasts in the Philippines and take a closer look at trends, challenges, and opportunities encountered by creators and audiences within the industry.

Top 10 podcasts in the Philippines

Podcast influence in the Philippines is surging, especially as the medium evolves and welcomes an increasing number of creators. As Spotify expands its Filipino podcast selection, the influence of podcasts continues to thrive with more varied content.

As of this writing, the top 10 Filipino podcasts are:


1. Atin Atin Lang

SB19’s debut podcast, Atin Atin Lang, offers an unfiltered, candid glimpse into their lives and careers.

2. Barangay Love Stories

Tune in to Papa Dudut’s weekly tales of love, life, and hope as he reads the heartfelt experiences of listeners.

3. Dear MOR

Relive tearful, heartwarming, funny, and romantic stories on love, heartbreak, and success with Dear MOR.

4. skypodcast

Kryz and Slater share unfiltered moments from life, love, and family.

5. Hugot Marcelo

Engage in conversations about emotional baggage and explore your journey of healing with Hugot Marcelo.

6. Kwentong Takipsilim Pinoy Tagalog Horror Stories Podcast

Kwentong Takipsilim brings you chilling Filipino tales of mystery, fear, and the supernatural.

7. Sitio Bangungot – Pinoy Horror Stories for Sleep Podcast

Prepare for some spine-tingling stories shared by Filipinos on ghosts, vampires, and mythical creatures.

8. Nginig Stories | Tagalog Horror Stories

Get ready for more chilling tales of the supernatural and the unexplained with this Filipino horror podcast from Kira Araze.

9. Rotten Mango

Expect in-depth eerie stories with a hint of humor with Rotten Mango, a podcast that delves deep into true crime. 

10. Yellow Space

Receive tips on mental health care, life guidance, and other advice on cultivating healthy relationships with the Yellow Space podcast.

Based on the top 10 Filipino podcasts above, it’s evident that the industry is thriving with diverse topics. In the next section, we explore some insights into the Philippine podcast industry.

Delving into the podcast industry in the Philippines

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been an unprecedented surge in global podcast consumption by more than 42 percent. In 2022, Spotify reported that podcast listenership in the Philippines increased by over 60%, with homegrown content taking the forefront in driving this growth.

This surge in popularity can be attributed to several factors, such as:

  • Accessible technology. Podcasts are versatile and accessible via various devices and platforms, making them ideal for individuals who seek knowledge, entertainment, or inspiration on the go. The ubiquity of smartphones and affordable data plans has made podcasts accessible to a wider audience and has also allowed creators to produce and distribute content with minimal barriers to entry.
  • Engaged community. Podcasters in the Philippines have developed strong online communities through social media, fostering a sense of connection among both creators and fans.
  • Localized content. Many Filipino creators use local languages in their podcasts, providing content that’s engaging and accessible to their audiences. Creators also focus on discussing relatable topics, making their podcasts resonate deeply with Filipino listeners.

As podcasts in the Philippines continue to significantly grow, listeners can anticipate more shows with creators sharing both their creative visions and opinions. For Spotify, this increase in listenership inspires the streaming giant “to continuously innovate and uplift creativity in the Philippines,” according to Spotify SEA Head of Studios Carl Zuzarte.

Possible challenges in the Filipino podcasting industry

In spite of its growth, the podcast industry in the Philippines can also face certain challenges for both creators and listeners:

  • Monetization hurdles. Despite the new rise in audio ads, convincing advertisers and businesses of the effectiveness of podcast advertising can take time.
  • Content discovery. The vast number of podcasts available can also make it challenging for creators to get noticed and for listeners to discover new shows they would like.
  • Infrastructure. The country’s internet infrastructure varies widely, with rural areas often experiencing poor connectivity. This affects both creators and listeners in these regions.

However, with these podcasting challenges also come several opportunities.

Opportunities in the Filipino podcasting ecosystem

Creators from some of the best podcasts on Spotify Philippines came together for the first Creator Mixdown event last October 2022. During this inaugural event, podcasters discussed the future of Filipino programming, the significance of promoting local content, and the creation of communities through shared experiences.

Event participants agreed that Spotify’s partnership with the best Filipino podcasts is essential to amplifying Filipino voices locally and globally. For Mavy Legaspi, Co-host of MavLine on Me, podcasts also allow people to “see a different perspective on public figures or growing creators in the Philippines.”

Aside from promoting homegrown content, other opportunities in podcasting include:

  • Monetization opportunities. As the industry matures, more businesses will be able to recognize the potential of podcasts in advertising market growth. Creators can even explore subscription models, merchandise sales, and crowdfunding.
  • Community building through partnerships and events. Antoinette Jadaone, Co-host of Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, shared that she makes it a point to create podcast episodes that “sound — and feel — like a conversation among best friends.” She added, “It became a community. Even if you’re a listener, you find a friend in a podcaster.” Filipino podcast creators can also partner with one another to reach broader audiences. Live podcast events and festivals contribute to this collaborative spirit, further developing a sense of community and engagement.
  • Educational podcasts. As more podcasts delve into topics spanning from academic subjects to practical skills, they empower learners with self-paced, cost-effective, and expert-led educational experiences, contributing to a lifelong learning revolution.

Podcasts in the Philippines: A bright future of sound and storytelling

The podcasting industry in the Philippines is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by accessible technology, diverse content, and a strong sense of community. While challenges like monetization and content discovery persist, the future looks bright with opportunities for creators and enriching content for listeners.

The impact of podcasts on Filipino society is undeniable, and the Philippines is undoubtedly poised to become a notable player in the global podcasting arena. For both creators and consumers, the world of podcasting in the Philippines offers exciting possibilities and boundless opportunities for growth and enrichment.

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