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Brand & Business: Guaranteed farm-to-table freshness delivered the very next day with the new GrabSupermarket Fresh

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Need a safe and hassle-free way to buy fresh produce? No need to fret—Grab introduces GrabSupermarket Fresh, a new one-stop online marketplace that lets users order fresh produce and meat products, all delivered the very next day. 

Never run out of fresh options with their wide array of high-quality local goods and produce at affordable prices ranging from fruits and vegetables; meat, poultry, and seafood; to dairy, cereals, grains, and bread; and even plant-based products. All items purchased from GrabSupermarket Fresh are directly-sourced from Grab’s different local merchant-partners from various points across the country such as Pangasinan and Bukidnon, promising you farm-freshness with every order.

With all products carefully curated to assure the best assortment of goods available, GrabSupermarket Fresh prioritizes quality and sustainability at every step of the process, from the collating of orders up to the delivery of products right to your doorstep.

​​To provide customers with fresh products in every GrabSupermarket Fresh order:

  1. The GrabSupermarket Fresh team collates all orders placed before its 5:00PM cutoff and notifies the merchant-partners; 
  2. Merchant-partners will then prepare all orders, and will deliver the items in bulk to the GrabSupermarket Fresh warehouse in Metro Manila the next day, securing optimum freshness of your products.
  3. Once arriving in Metro Manila, the GrabSupermarket Fresh team will immediately pack each order, and assign a delivery-partner to bring your fresh produce right to your doorstep based on your preferred schedule. 

As the lockdowns continue to impact many food producers and local farmers, GrabSupermarket Fresh helps them overcome the challenges they face by widening the reach of their products and offering them to more consumers and households through the Grab app. 

With the new GrabSupermarket Fresh, users can order your groceries and other essentials from trusted merchant-partners such as Teraoka Family Farm, Bukidnon Milk Company, Emerald Fresh, 28 Derby, Tender Bob’s, and Don Bangus. To add to this, GrabSupermarket Fresh will also offer a range of plant-based products for consumers in search of plant-based alternatives to meat. Customers can be on the lookout for new products on the GrabSupermarket Fresh as it continuously expands and adds to its offerings and merchant-partners, guaranteeing a rich variety of all fresh grocery needs.

As a welcome treat, enjoy P200 OFF when users order a minimum of P700 on GrabSupermarket Fresh, and you use the promo code GRABFRESHNOW. This offer is available until 30 September 2021.

“The pandemic has definitely impacted many ways of life and daily routine. We may need to wait a little bit more before we can all safely go to the supermarkets and wet markets to inspect the produce, buy the fresh ones, and serve them at our own tables. Through GrabSupermarket Fresh, we will help each and every consumer by filling the gaps in their grocery shopping experience, while continuously providing them with the fresh and best-quality products for their everyday needs,” says Grab Philippines Head of Deliveries Anton Bautista.

Ordering essentials through the Grab app is not only safe and convenient, but it’s also rewarding. Use a GrabPay account upon checkout and earn GrabRewards points every time users order essentials through GrabSupermarket Fresh. Collect these points and exchange them for discounts, perks or simply use them to avail of Grab services such as rides or food and grocery deliveries. 

To know more details about GrabSupermarket Fresh, visit https://www.grab.com/ph/mart/. Visit the Grab app today to find the complete list of available products. Stay up to date on the latest promos and deals on GrabSupermarket Fresh and GrabMart by following Grab on Facebook and Instagram

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