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Brand & Business: Nestlé introduces plant-based HARVEST GOURMET® in PH, pursuing sustainability commitment

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Nestlé Philippines has announced its first move into the plant-based meat alternatives market with the launch of its plant-based HARVEST GOURMET® brand initially in its food service business. Launched on World Vegan Day, Nestlé Philippines is embracing the market’s growing appetite for healthier and tastier plant-based foods and invites the country’s leading restaurants and hotels to join the plant-based movement. With a spotlight on the environmental impact of meat consumption as well as an emphasis on health and balanced nutrition, Nestlé brings its plant-based food expertise to the Philippines via the HARVEST GOURMET® brand to satisfy conscious consumers looking to reduce their meat intake with delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food options, as well as, allowing it to pursue its sustainability commitment.

“Switching to plant-based food and beverages is not only beneficial from a health point of view, but also helps in the fight against climate change. As a Kasambuhay for the Environment, accelerating consumption of plant-based alternatives will help us attain our company’s commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, contributing to the aim of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C,” said Nestlé Philippines Chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki.

With over 40% of consumers in Asia consciously reducing their meat intake and shifting to plant-based alternatives, HARVEST GOURMET® arrives in the Philippines at the perfect time as more consumers are recognizing the benefits of exploring plant-based options. The plant-based market is no longer limited to vegans, but includes a growing consumer base called “flexitarians,” who are increasingly replacing meat with plant-based products in their diet. They are doing so for health reasons as well as greater awareness of sustainable products, expanding the market and growth potential of the category.


“What we are seeing is that the demand for plant-based food is not just a food trend, but really a growing social movement for sustainability,” said Alexander Ong Oh, Business Executive Officer, Nestlé Professional, the foodservice unit of Nestlé Philippines. “Every menu replaced with plant-based offerings and every plant-based meal served and consumed in restaurants and hotels will be a step closer towards promoting not just a healthier lifestyle, but the sustainability of our planet, and we feel the foodservice industry has a leading role to play in driving this change. And we are excited to leverage our global knowledge and latest technology in plant-based food to bring to our customers and to Filipino consumers products that deliver on both taste and texture, so they get to enjoy plant-based food without compromise.”

HARVEST GOURMET® will be introduced in the Philippines with initial three gourmet formats: Sensational Burger, Schnitzel, and Chargrilled Pieces, in two-kg institutional packs, with mince, nuggets, balls and other formats to be rolled out by next year, giving restaurants and hotels many options to add plant-based products to their menus.

In line with Nestlé’s global commitment to sustainability and its global mandate on responsible sourcing, the HARVEST GOURMET® range uses only the highest-quality plant-based ingredients. Each is made with non-GMO soy and wheat that promises taste, texture, and a cooking experience as close as possible to that of meat products while offering the full nutritional benefits of plant-based proteins. Nestle also uses High Moisture Extrusion Technology developed by its food technologists and scientists, in collaboration with chefs, to optimize the product performance in commercial kitchen equipment, ensuring that products deliver a gourmet-quality experience in terms of texture, appearance, aroma, and taste.

HARVEST GOURMET® is now available through Nestlé Professional, and their e-commerce partners: Rare Food Shop and Prime Pacific Foods Corporation.

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