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Cigna International champions mental health in the workplace with ‘The 5% Pledge’

SINGAPORE — Creative agency McCann Worldgroup Singapore has partnered with health insurance company Cigna International Markets to launch its latest campaign, “The 5% Pledge” – a new initiative to support mental health in the workplace. The 5% Pledge is a public commitment where senior leadership teams and CEOs will devote 5% of their annual work hours to listen, craft, and implement tangible change within their organizations to improve mental health and well-being. The campaign has been launched externally in Europe and will be rolled out across other regions in 2023.

According to The World Health Organization, close to one billion people are suffering from mental health issues today, and Cigna’s research found that 84% of employees reported at least one workplace factor has affected their mental health. Additionally, studies show that when employees feel their mental health is supported at work, they are:

  • 5.6x as likely to trust their company
  • 3.5x as likely to be proud to work at their company

To make a lasting change, Cigna International is advocating that, for a cultural shift, change has to come from the very top of organizations to truly affect how mental health is perceived and supported in the workplace. With this campaign, Cigna is redefining its relationship with its employees, and shaping the future of mental well-being.


Through this initiative, industry leaders can help drive awareness and change for mental health and well-being in the workplace, while setting an example for their peers to follow. By improving their employee’s mental health within their workplaces, employers can expect to see improved morale and productivity, reduced absenteeism, and higher employee retention. Furthermore, they can be perceived as employers of choice – forward-thinking workplaces that provide strong support systems for their employees.

The campaign was launched at various events, with a film, social media assets, and earned and shared PR efforts. Those who sign up on the 5% Pledge website receive a personalized health risk assessment for their employer, with practical next steps they can take – as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when supporting mental health.

The “5% Pledge” is a continuation of Cigna’s mission to help the world recognize, understand, and take control of stress – following from McCann Worldgroup and Cigna’s previous campaigns, which unveiled the Stress Visualization Experience that asked the world to “See Stress Differently.”

As the lead agency for Cigna International Health, McCann Worldgroup Singapore conceptualized the campaign. McCann is part of IPG’s Team Unleash, a bespoke cross-holding-company team comprised of talent and resources from McCann Worldgroup, R/GA, Initiative, Acxiom, Kinesio, and other agencies in the IPG portfolio.

Cigna Europe CEO Arjan Toor commented, “The importance of mental health is often underestimated, especially in the workplace. A positive and supportive working environment can be the difference between an employee feeling well or on edge. That’s why employers should focus their efforts on the promotion, protection, and restoration of mental health. This is where the 5% Pledge comes in – to drive behavioral change and help employers to recognize, understand and accommodate mental health challenges in an inclusive and comprehensive way.”

McCann Worldgroup Singapore Strategy Director Charlie Lowe also added, “We need to shift the understanding of workplace mental health from an individual issue to a collective priority for companies, as a whole culture change is required to build an environment of well-being in the workplace.”

McCann Worldgroup is proud to be an early signatory of the 5% pledge, as the network continues to prioritize the mental health and wellness of its teams.

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