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This week’s best campaigns combat solo dining anxiety, transform cheap beer, and celebrate the return of an all-out Christmas season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The creative industry is brimming with tons of amazing ideas, so it’s no surprise that there’s never a shortage of great campaigns to admire and celebrate.

From gripping stories and new perspectives that embody what a brand stands for to new fun ways people can engage with a brand, here are campaigns that caught adobo Magazine’s eye this week:

Enjoy the Pinoy Christmas comeback with Jollibee


After two years of spending Christmas separately in our own homes, only ever seeing our loved ones via video calls, it’s time for the comeback of all-out festivities — and Jollibee is here to help you make the most of that return. The new “Sa Jollibee, Sarap ng Pasko!campaign by Publicis JimenezBasic depicts the joy that comes with the shift from last year’s online celebrations to the physical reunions and gatherings that Pinoys can once again have with their families and friends to cap off this 2022.

The mayonnaise you drop everything else for 

It’s the simplicity of Heinz’ latest campaign by Service Cologne that makes it so effective. The ad dramatizes a mundane, everyday occurrence that people experience in grocery stores. With dramatic music and a focus on the awkwardness, the spot shows each shopper making sure no one is looking before they put the mayonnaise they’ve initially picked back in the wrong places — from the fruit boxes to the toothpaste shelves — the moment they find Heinz. The spot turns the little act many are guilty of into a funny and relatable celebration of how customers drop everything for Heinz mayonnaise.

McDonald’s says no to solo dining anxiety 

While eating is a great way to bond, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with dining solo. To combat the negative perception of eating at a restaurant by yourself, McDonald’s puts a spin on the solo dining experience. With a luxury singles table area, a self-shoot photobooth, and a Singles Freedom Wall, the fast food chain took on a mission to show people that there’s nothing wrong eating out and enjoying a delicious meal on your own. In fact, it can even be a unique experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

This sale is too good to resist — even for the enlightened

Central Department Store recently released a peaceful but subtly humorous spot by Wolf BKK for its legendary Midnight Sale. In the film, two shopaholics are seen meditating in plain white clothing in an isolated world, repeating their mantra of how they will not shop. However, they start seeing things from the Midnight Sale’s irresistible collections — from one’s feet suddenly wearing a trendy pair of boots to the other’s bare face donning a beautiful shade of lipstick out of nowhere. In the end, these things — whether just their imagination or not — drive them to give up and reach nirvana through shopping instead, showing that even the most enlightened ones can’t say no to how good this sale is.

Cheap beer gets transformed into a Belgo at this vending machine

When your go-to beer is a cheap commercial option, it can be hard to justify spending more to try a premium one. So, to show people exactly what makes Belgo worth it, the Belgian craft beer that produces specialty brew with fresh ingredients launched a beer-currency campaign in Vietnam with Happiness Saigon. The beer brand set up a vending machine where people can get a bottle of Belgo just by trading in any cheap commercial beer they can find. With this activation, beer lovers finally got a chance to taste the difference that makes the specialty beer worth the price without having to pay for it.

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