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December Avenue’s new song ‘Saksi Ang Langit’ is an ode to love in its best forms

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Following its successful Canada and U.S. tour, Filipino band December Avenue drops another gut-wrenching song, but this time packaged in warmth and unconditional love. ”Saksi Ang Langit” speaks profoundly about love in its best forms, different from the band’s usual past songs about painful experiences.

Looking Behind the Lyrics

Written by Jet Danao and Zel Bautista, the song is the frontrunner of December Avenue’s upcoming work — a glimpse of what the band has in store for fans.


The melody is light, slow, and feel-good. According to keyboard artist Gelo Cruz, “[it] makes the listeners feel warm, yung parang sunrise after a very cold night.”

The keyboard tunes blend well with Jem Manuel’s upbeat guitar riffs, which provide a sense of rush — the good kind that gets your blood pumping and your cheeks burning from smiling too much. Don Gregorio’s bass lines, on the other hand, glue the rhythm and melody perfectly together, completing the song.

Painting New Meanings

Jet wrote lines with his children in mind and sees the song as a reflection of his love for his daughter and his dreams for her, “parang kanta sa magiging kasal niya paglaki. Saksi ang langit sa unconditional love na iyon.

But the band also recognizes that love unfolds in various forms. And this is precisely what makes “Saksi Ang Langit” a masterpiece. It can mean different things simultaneously, making the listening experience different and new, but also an utter bliss.

December Avenue reiterates that the song can be an ode to the love between a parent and child, a serenade to romantic love between two soulmates, and even an expression of self-love.

Kung nasa happy relationship ka, you’ll fall even more in love. Kung single ka, mas maiinlove ka sa non-existent or future partner mo. And kung wala kang balak [ma-in love], it boosts self-love!”

It’s a celebration, a toast to hope, and above all, a recognition that love exists as a language of the universe.

Want to know what the song means to you? Listen here.

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