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MPL Philippines launches limited edition team battle emotes to wrap up the Regular Season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Professional league MPL Philippines has unveiled new battle emotes for fans to support their favorite teams as the Regular Season is coming to an end. The interactive in-game stickers represent five active MPL-PH teams, namely: ECHO, Nexplay EVOS, Smart Omega, ONIC Philippines, and TNC Pro Team.

ECHO’s team emote showcased a purple-haired, chibi-like character that wears the team’s jersey. It says “Sheesh!” a popular expression that Filipinos use to convey amusement. For Nexplay EVOS, their battle emote showed their iconic neon tiger that wears the team’s newest jersey and holds a small microphone to enthusiastically shout “Hold up!” and flex, just like Micophobia’s signature pose.

On the other hand, ONIC Philippines was represented by their hedgehog saying “Sorry uwu,” to distinctively share their warmth and apologies to the opposing team. The icon also showcases an attractive display of hearts. Smart Omega’s battle emote highlights their logo with the famous battle cry, “One shot, Omega” in the background. TNC Pro Team’s emote, on the other hand, shows the team logo engraved in an orange heart emoticon, dedicated to their fans.


Fans can score these exciting battle emotes until January 31, 2023. They can also purchase the interactive stickers for as low as 58 diamonds for three months use by opening the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang app, visiting the in-game Shop, and clicking Emotes.

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