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New Business: Inmobi and Inquiro partner to help brands utilize data-driven marketing on mobile

SINGAPORE —  InMobi, a leading provider of content, marketing, and monetization technologies, today announced its partnership with iNQUiRO, a technology company under AdSpark Holdings, Inc. and 917Ventures, that helps businesses make data-driven decisions in their operations. The collaboration brings together access to iNQUiRO’s significant and in-depth insights on consumer’s purchase behavior and interest, and the end-to-end marketing solutions of InMobi to help brands deliver contextual communications at scale

“The Philippines stands as among the truly mobile-first markets in Southeast Asia with more than 5 hours of daily time on mobile and more than 60% of consumers shopping online. Through this partnership, brands will be able to reach iNQUiRO audiences programmatically on InMobi’s mobile Exchange via managed service with InMobi or their preferred DSP platform,” said Rishi Bedi, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at InMobi.

“Brands will be able to drive better reach, make use of innovative creative formats from our creative gallery, and improve end-to-end attribution using InMobi solutions.”


In a recent study conducted by Forrester, one in two brands are increasingly concerned about the ability to drive efficient and effective marketing in the wake of identity deprecation, while at the same time ensuring consumer privacy compliance. This is where the strategic partnership comes in, as InMobi and iNQUiRO together could solve for the modern marketer’s need for data-driven decision-making with a privacy-by-design approach.

“We are in a unique position to provide unique understanding of your customers at a deeper level by leveraging on insights from first-party data of over millions of Filipino consumers. But more than that, we focus on being champions of data privacy and security for all our solutions and clients,” said Pancho Reyna, Chief Operating Officer at iNQUiRO.

“Enriching your audience’s understanding and sending the right message has never been easier. This is what makes our partnership with InMobi strategic and innovative,” he said. Apart from developing new data-driven products, Inquiro has also expanded its data partner network to over 300 cohorts and have already launched several upgrades and enhancements to its existing solutions.

Earlier, InMobi had announced its partnership with Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest telecom provider, and Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading mobile on-demand services and payments platform, to enhance advertising, consumer intelligence, and identity resolution for brands in Southeast Asia. The InMobi-Telkomsel solution is available for brands in Indonesia while the InMobi-Gojek solution is available across Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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