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New Businesss: Yahoo Stories Ad allows for more seamless mobile and web storytelling

SINGAPORE — Attention is a precious commodity in our information-rich world. With over 1.88 billion websites offering a wealth of content, people have become increasingly discerning in selecting content they wish to consume and how they spend their most valuable asset. As attention spans narrow, standing out in a crowded digital space and acquiring consumer attention continue to be an ongoing challenge for brands and advertisers.

Yahoo announced its latest offering in Southeast Asia, Yahoo Stories Ad, an innovative solution that enables a dynamic and interactive storytelling experience. A mobile-web-first solution, Yahoo Stories Ad brings one of social media’s most popular formats to premium environments on the open web, offering advertisers the ability to deliver a more seamless storytelling experience on a larger scale and with greater reach.

Stories are one of the fastest-growing formats to engage audiences, with over one billion users daily exposed to the format across social media platforms. Among the reasons for the meteoric rise in the appeal of stories is its ability to offer snackable content that favors audiences’ attention investment. Another factor is the nature of stories which empowers consumers with the option to select the content they would like to see.


“Yahoo Stories Ad is a self-contained brand experience formatted for action. With the ability to customize functionality and provide an elegant and highly visual framework within premium environments, Yahoo’s latest native format will enable brands to not only focus on ad performance but also build brand image and awareness through experiences that consumers know, want, and love,” said Carol Tay, senior director sales Southeast Asia, Yahoo.

Bringing together the popularity of social stories, the seamless browsing experience of native ads, and the power of programmatic advertising, Yahoo Stories Ad delivers rich, full-screen brand narratives in premium, trusted environments. Utilizing a range of creative tools, brands and advertisers can now leverage synergistic capabilities to include a combination of static visuals and videos in different panels and allow users to interact and rewatch content with left and right navigation clicks.

Primed to take advantage of smartphone features that appeal to consumers, the solution enables advertisers greater flexibility to tailor audience journeys towards consideration and response. Advertisers can directly integrate CTA buttons into Yahoo Stories Ad that bring users to brand and e-commerce websites, booking engines, maps, coupons, discount codes, or shopping carts for consumer action.

Delivered via native ads on mobile, Yahoo Stories Ad is now available in markets across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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