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Sustainability: Indian jewelry brand Mia by Tanishq makes shift to recycled gold

MUMBAI, INDIA — Environment sustainability has become one of the most prominent influences on our buying behavior. There is an increase in the level of consciousness amongst young consumers. A dramatic shift is seen in the consumer preference which is more inclined towards purchasing products that have the least environmental impact.

Tanishq, India’s leading jeweler, has taken giant strides in this direction. The jewelry manufacturing plant of Titan Company Limited is steadily progressing to be water positive and carbon neutral by 2030 alongside other sustainability initiatives in retail and other functions.

As a part of the same, Mia by Tanishq, one of India’s most fashionable jewelry brands for millennials and Gen Z announced the use of 100% recycled gold for manufacturing its jewelry. The brand has also unveiled various new initiatives toward building an inclusive jewelry brand with respect to the environment, resources, and consumers.


As a part of the Environment day theme ‘Only One Earth’, Mia by Tanishq has taken a green leap forward and is pleased to announce this initiative. Mia’s larger vision for sustainability includes various initiatives and programs that contribute toward building a society with clean energy and a conscious lifestyle.

Along with Mia by Tanishq, Titan jewelry division joins hands towards the commitment to make strides to improve energy management, water conservation, and reduce carbon emissions with a resolve to make a change by contributing toward greener earth.

Speaking on the brand’s sustainability initiatives, Mr. Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Titan jewelry division, said, “The Jewellery Division has set ambitious sustainability goals of becoming Carbon neutral and Water positive in manufacturing by 2030. Further, as part of our Responsible Sourcing initiative, we have a robust 4-P framework – People, Place, Process & Planet in place with all our vendor partners, to ensure they meet our definition of standard requirements for their operations, by the end of this fiscal. All our Jewellery retail stores are also moving towards becoming more energy and water efficient through multiple initiatives.

While 40% of the total gold used in the division for manufacturing jewelry is recycled, I’m delighted to share that 100% of the gold used for ‘Mia by Tanishq’ is now recycled gold, reducing the need for mining fresh gold. Further, in keeping with this year’s Environment Day theme of ‘Only one earth’, a tree will be planted for every customer who buys from a Mia store in the month of June in 8 villages of Bhilwara.”

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