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Sustainability: This World Environment Day, The Switch Fix talks about climate crisis with ‘Raise The Bar’ initiative

GURGAON, INDIA — The Switch Fix (TSF), a planet-conscious personal care brand, is bringing forth a local perspective on global environmental and climate crises to break the echo chamber and help recognize the urgency to care for the planet through its ‘Raise The Bar’ initiative. With a podcast, a series of awareness digital films, and a poll on the current environmental and climate crisis under this initiative, the brand envisions mobilizing the masses to take significant action at an individual and a collective level for the betterment of the country and the planet at large this World Environment Day.

As a brand, The Switch Fix has always been about encouraging people to take individual action and demand systemic change to tackle the myriad environmental and climate issues. It has done so by providing them with tangible steps for the betterment of the planet offering a sustainable range of personal care products as well as sharing engaging content about climate change from a local perspective – all year round. With its latest ‘Raise The Bar’ movement, TSF strives to further drive meaningful change and set new benchmarks for sustainability and planet consciousness.

This revolutionary initiative will see TSF also launch Raise The Bar, its very own podcast series to usher the subject of climate change into mainstream everyday conversations in India. Previous attempts at bringing the climate crisis to the forefront have either been too peripheral to trigger a response or overwhelming to the extent that it causes apathy. However, TSF’s Raise The Bar podcast aims to make climate conversation more relatable, engaging, and comprehensive by generating curiosity and interest without anxiety. In fact, the podcast will see industry stalwarts and environmental enthusiasts give a well-rounded perspective in an easy-to-understand manner by breaking down broad climate crisis themes into digestible chunks to highlight socio-cultural nuances of the crisis and their impact on everyday lives.


In addition to this, TSF is also launching ‘Bro, it’s climate change,’ a series of funny, punny, and educational bite-sized digital films that will help understand the effects of climate change in India—like lowered immunity, visible damage to hair and skin, and more. At the same time, the brand is also conducting a poll by asking simple yet critical questions revolving around the climate crisis to further mobilize support and systemic changes in the face of climate issues. Not only that, but the TSF also intends to take this request to the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change after receiving a substantial amount of responses.

Abhishek Kumar, co-founder & COO of The Switch Fix, said, “At The Switch Fix, we keep the well-being of our planet and our tribe at the forefront; we take advantage of our considerable reach to encourage constructive conversation about climate change and the overall environment. Raise The Bar initiative is another step to help individuals understand the vital connect between the need for restoring and healing the planet and the quality of life we and our future generation will live.”

The Switch Fix was conceived around the core philosophy of ‘self-care meeting planet care.’ All its products are formulated to be non-polluting, vegan, cruelty-free, water-saving, plastic-free, and non-toxic, and with the ‘Raise The Bar’ initiative, the brand is ready to amplify its message to every corner of the country.

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