It’s Superbowl season again and with millions of people tuning into the program, it is the perfect opportunity to send a message out to the world in just a few seconds. As with every year, brands go all out with their campaigns to communicate to the viewers, and this year’s not any different. With A-List stars, huge dragons and crazy shenanigans gracing the screens, we compiled our top picks of this year’s most memorable Superbowl ads.


Washington Post

Superbowl ads are usually full of extravagant productions and crazy antics, but Washington Post showed a completely different message. As a statement of the importance of freedom and the work that news outlets like Washington Post do in the press, the ad emphasises that “Democracy dies in darkness”. 


Stella Artois

Sometimes, the unexpected is exactly what we need — and Stella Artois may just be that. With A-List stars trading their usual drink for the beer, it makes us wonder if we should also do the same while watching a game of football. 



Disney dropped some major bombs at the Superbowl, and we’re all here for it! From the widely-anticipated new trailer for Toy Story 4 that features new characters and old friends to Avengers: Endgame’s exciting new teaser, Disney’s releases were some of the hottest topics that came out of the whole event.



What happens when you put the greatest, most competitive NFL players in one room together? NFL’s Superbowl ad suggests utter chaos and we must say, it’s quite amazing to watch — really gets us in the mood to watch more football. 



A Budlight and Game of Thrones collaboration? Who would have thought, right? This Superbowl ad shows the extremes the 2 worlds are willing to do #ForTheThrone.

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