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class a — Two Become Pun: sifting Pundesal’s rise and kneading through the sticker trend

(Words by Sachi Go, Photos by Abby Magsanoc)

Recognizing the Filipinos’ unrelenting attraction to freshly baked noms and a craving for fresh to death punchlines, Lance Florentino and Abby Magsanoc decided to combine these two loves and hit the sheets—the sticker sheets, that is! And thus, ‘Pundesal’ was born.

Established in 2016, the quirky brand started out with a small pack of inside joke-laden stickers that two Multimedia Arts students only sold to their circle of friends. Inevitably, the shareable and nostalgic nature of sticker packs—with the added fun of a pun—led to the brand’s successful growth in our reference-hungry generation of buyers.


Sticker Pack, Ganern!

The rise of Pundesal could not come at a better time. Their punny products, both hilarious and relatable, embody the current millennial culture that stays afloat through tough times with memes, satire, and a penchant for wearing our oddities with pride. It’s a beautifully simple equation— if we like something, we’ll probably like it better if we can stick it on our phones, laptops, notebooks, bags, clothes, or even our faces (if you’re into that).

While mostly known for their line of Pundikits (stickers), the brand actually carries a varied catalogue of ‘puninda‘ to fit any occasion or size. From the Puntahi (patch) and Puntaas (shirt) to the Puntakip (cap), they’ve got you covered, literally.

Their arrays of goodies are a great presence in a world of icebreakers and nostalgics who love making meme-ories. And though that last pun may be a stretch, at least the comfy fabrics of their shirts have proven not to—so everyone’s fitted tees are safe from turning into 90s hip-hop gear overnight in the dryer.

Today, Abby and Lance essentially create tiny badges of expression for everybody. And to further cultivate the unified love for art and LOLS, they are tapping various artists and designers who are looking for a viable platform to let their work be seen and enjoyed.

As the sticker hype continues, it begs the question: what’s in store for Pundesal?

More pun, more games, and according to the duo, more ‘kalokohan’ lies in wait. When asked about the longevity of the sticker trend and how it will affect them, they reply with an easy-going air.

“Something going out of style is inevitable,” Lance says, “But Abby and I have always been fond of making puns from the top of our heads. They served as a great deal of entertainment for us even in the dullest moments. We don’t see the sticker trend fading anytime soon but if it does, we’re grateful to have been a part of it.”

For now, as more and more people are proudly self-proclaimed ‘Kahlazy‘ and ‘Antoks,’ it’s beginning to look like the modern art house has changed its shape and is made up of a little pun and a ton of sheet.

Get in on the craze by checking out their website at www.pundesal.com or grabbing a pack from one of their partner stores Kendo Creative, Sole Republiq, respite, and Hey Kessy scattered throughout Taft, Quezon City, and Muntinlupa (check out the exact addresses at their site, too).

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