Campaign Spotlight: The Women’s Foundation and Wunderman Thompson launch #MakePeopleCount to show support for sexual assault victims

HONG KONG — The Women’s Foundation (TWF), with creative partner Wunderman Thompson, launched a major campaign called #MakePeopleCount at the end of April 2020 for Assault Awareness Month.

According to a survey, one in seven women in Hong Kong have experienced sexual assault, but 90 percent of victims choose not to report the incident.

#MakePeopleCount calls for urgent changes to legislation, employment policies, and the education curriculum.




The campaign sought to portray the real women behind the numbers. Award-winning director, Yan Yan Mak was brought on board to produce a film that highlights everyday scenarios where sexual violence commonly takes place.


“Sexual violence is a silent yet pervasive epidemic affecting Hong Kong. Most worryingly, although it’s happening every day, victims face a number of barriers in reporting and the overwhelming majority choose not to speak out about the crime,” said Fiona Nott, CEO of The Women’s Foundation.

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