Framepool partners with Animals on Blue

GLOBAL – Framepool, the footage collection run by filmmakers, has enlarged its portfolio of animals for composition in partnership with Animals on Blue, the industry leader in this unique field. This exclusive distribution agreement with Animals on Blue, will enable Framepool’s clients to easily access and reuse stunning footage of all species shot professionally against blue or green screen.  
Having Animals on Blue on board enables Framepool to offer one of the world’s biggest and most comprehensive collections of blue/green screen animal footage. More than 3000 clips of a great variety of species and movements can now easily be found and downloaded at Furthermore, if it hasn’t already been filmed, special requests from customers can be shot to order.  
Animals are one of the most frequently used film subjects but are extremely difficult to capture on film, especially if appearing outside of their natural habitat. Blue/green screen technology allows the footage of the animals to be "composited" or "chroma-keyed" into a final project. Filmmakers can profit from the in-depth knowledge of experienced specialists in filming challenging animals like Lions or a poisonous Egyptian Cobra without any of the associated risks. The current animal welfare laws and prohibitive insurance costs, coupled with health and safety regulations make this work impossible for non-specialists – and there are not many producers who can look back on 25 years of experience in this unique field, as Farokh Khorooshi, Director and founder of Animals on Blue does.  
“Putting an adult male lion in front of a camera in strange surroundings can cause a lot of stress to the animal – you really need to know how to make him feel comfortable. To get great footage from an animal you need to understand its natural behavior patterns as well as the personal characteristics of the individual animal”, Farokh Khorooshi explains. “This complicated process makes the result of our work extremely rare. We spent a long time looking for the right partner who could appreciate and market this valuable product.  
We chose Framepool because the company is run by filmmakers who really understand the challenges of their customers and licensors. We feel that they are the ideal partner to market our footage.” 
“We are extremely pleased that Animals on Blue selected Framepool as their marketing and distribution partner. Their material is outstanding in terms of quality, exclusivity and variety”, states Ulrike Ziegler, Chief Content Officer and co-founder of Framepool. “This collection enables our customers to realize unusual concepts which wouldn’t be possible to implement otherwise.” 


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