adoboLive: Wayne Pick, Executive Creative Director, Colenso BBDO

BUSAN – adobo magazine caught up with the NZ agency’s executive creative director Wayne Pick at the Ad Stars festival to talk about the role that creativity and purpose play in Colenso BBDO.

“Creativity with Purpose. It is a belief we have. Every client organization, every brand, every cause, every charity has a purpose at its heart. That is why it exists. People don’t buy what your do but by why you do it,” shares Pick. “Our challenge and our opportunity as an agency is to use creativity. Creativity is our tool and our trade, to bring a brand’s purpose to life. To connect to consumers and a brand’s purpose. I love the fact that our brands now through storytelling and through the brand’s purpose, add real value and usefulness and interest to people’s lives.”

Broaching on the subject of love and trust, Pick said that these two values are included Colenso BBDO’s philosophy.


“Love and Trust. It is a philosophy the agency believes that when you join the agency you have a deck of cards with the Love and Trust portfolio in them. Eight cards, eight beliefs. Overall it means, and it is linked to the 90/10 rule, if you earn the love an trust of your clients, you can do the interesting and challenging, different stuff that no one expects. And is it often the stuff that takes the brands into leaps and bounds. They will let you do the 10 percent. But you need to earn love and trust to make the brand shift. It can become the piece that will be famous.”

Pick also serves as a judge in this year’s AD STARS. On the topic of love and trust, he believes that it is something that every agency should embrace.

“Leigh Reyes, our jury president, was saying that social media has forced consumers and clients in a place together. You can’t almost force or separate them out. I think there is a blurring of lines. Agencies are consistently helping brands bring purpose to life. We have shaped the principle around it. We have shaped creativity and purpose around it. Love and Trust. We have given it a name, it is on our walls, cards on the desk , with our clients. it forms the fabric of what we believe.”

Pick has over 20 years of global brand experience. He has won over 100 international creative and effectiveness awards for his work in digital, experiential and direct. He has lectured on digital and advertising craft in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, including SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Social Media Week NYC, and the DMA Conventions in San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas.

AD STARS is annual advertising festival held in Busan, South Korea that celebrates the best of the best in Asia and around the world. A cash prize of US$10,000 awaits this year’s Grand Prix winners.

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