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This week’s campaign faves urge you to find the drama in everything, dance with NewJeans, and more

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The creative industry is brimming with tons of amazing ideas, so it’s no surprise that there’s never a shortage of great campaigns to admire and celebrate.

From gripping stories and new perspectives that embody what a brand stands for to new fun ways people can engage with a brand, here are campaigns that caught adobo Magazine’s eye this week:

Dance in celebration of McDonald’s with NewJeans


With the group’s undeniable status as Gen Z icons, NewJeans is the perfect pick to be McDonald’s new brand models. To further amplify their addition to the Mcdonald’s, the K-pop stars are featured in the brand’s latest universal campaign: the “NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign.” The fun new dance captures the spirit of celebrating delicious moments with McDonald’s and is the perfect way to spread that joy while reintroducing classic chicken menu items from the fast-food chain. 

The beauty of finding drama in everything 

These days, it’s normal for young people to instinctively turn to social media for their daily dose of drama. Checkpoint Theatre took this as an opportunity to create a lens that’ll let them see the drama in their own surroundings. In the campaign by BBH Singapore, a SnapChat lens takes everyday objects and generates stories written by real writers based on the visual cue. By snapping your cat, you can see its inner thoughts. By snapping a car, you can uncover a twisted tale behind it. Through this, Checkpoint Theatre lives out its commitment to telling original stories through seemingly mundane encounters that have the potential for drama.  

Are you sure that dog is your dog?

Have you ever worried that your dog is an imposter? Well, even if the answer is probably a no, that doesn’t stop the tongue-in-cheek Schmackos ad by adam&eveDDB from being the delightfully absurd campaign that captures the brand’s identity. The ad acts as a PSA to pet owners that their dogs could actually be imposters and promotes Schmackos as the ultimate test kit to test their canine’s identity, claiming that “Dogs go wacko for Schamckos. Imposters don’t.” 

Embark on the quest for a bowl of Crunchy Nut cereal

Crunchy Nut has always been Kellog’s quirkiest brand, and its new campaign by Leo Burnett UK embraces that with a Tastes Too Good song and music video featuring food influencer What Willy Cook. From the witty, for-adult lyrics that sets it apart from the usual wholesome cereal ads for kids to the bizarre visuals that tell a story through ridiculous costumes and fun animation, everything about Tastes Too Good is a testament to the brand’s cheeky, offbeat humor.

Art, sports, and the passion that defines both

While they’re two different paths, the need for dedication, discipline, and passion is present in both art and sports. In recognition of that, Ataboy debuted the series “A Portrait of an Athlete,” which celebrates the fusion of art and athleticism. The film, directed by Corydon “Cordy” Wagner, looked into the similarity of how both an artist and athlete’s path is defined by giving their passion their all by featuring the stories Sandro Figueroa Garcia (Sen2), a celebrity graffiti artist from New York, and Olympic athlete Natoya Goule.

Here’s a look back at adobo magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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