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Cheil Worldwide wins nine statues at the 2024 Clio Awards

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Creative network Cheil Worldwide won three Golds, two Silvers, and four Bronzes at the 2024 Clio Awards. The winners of the Clio Awards were celebrated at a live ceremony held on May 01 in New York City. 

“Samsung Unfear” by Cheil Worldwide Spain grabbed two Golds, one each from Audio and Creative use of Data.

The advanced AI-powered app works with Samsung Galaxy Buds to filter and suppress only the specific sounds that people with autism are hypersensitive to without canceling all the noise. The work also won a Bronze. 


A Gold from Fashion & Beauty went to “The Pink Glove” by Cheil Worldwide Seoul. The campaign turned a distinctive tool of Korea’s unique bathing culture, the scrub glove, into the most effective tool for regular breast self-examination. The campaign also involved training programs for bathhouse masseuses to spread the word about the importance of self-exam. 

Another work from Cheil Worldwide Seoul, “Drug Test Poster,” won a Media Silver. The poster promotes the K-drama “Strong Girl Nam-soon,” which revolves around the story of superheroines taking down a drug cartel created from a test strip that can detect narcotics to fight drink-spiking. The work also won a Bronze. 

“The Chat” by BMB, part of Cheil Worldwide, won one Silver in the Social Media category. The WhatsApp drama series unfolded in real-time over six weeks through voice notes, gifs, videos, photos, and text messages sent between four best friends as they navigate an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis together. People joined the WhatsApp group to watch the series, share its content, and spark conversations on social media. The work won two Bronzes additionally. 

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