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Chief executives from Hakuhodo, Nuworks, Havas, Maya and Propel hailed as DMAP Boomerang Awards’ first batch of Orange winners

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — At the Boomerang Awards 2023, the newly re-christened Digital Marketing Association of the Philippines (DMAP) named its first generation of Orange Boomerang winners. Under the theme “Transform,” the show sought and found five Digital professionals who led their organizations, brands, or markets on a journey of transformation in the last 12 months.

Hyper Island Managing Director Peachy Pacquing was one of six industry elders who chose the winners. She said, “As part of the Boomerang Jury, I have personally witnessed the rigor, incisiveness, and most of all, fairness, of the judges and the proceedings. Suffice to say, if you win an Orange Boomerang, your leadership and your transformative work have been deemed truly exceptional and absolutely worthy of the accolade conferred upon you.”

Aside from the distinction of being its first awarded Digital leaders, these men and women received seats at Hyper Island APAC’s continuing education modules. In particular, they will receive executive training to further develop their leadership in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous marketing world.


This 15th edition of the Boomerang Awards was held in Newport City, Pasay, on October 20, 2023, the last day DMAP’s “Digimax“ conference. It celebrated the year’s most innovative, creative, and impactful campaigns and programs across 22 categories of Digital marketing.

For the full list of Boomerang winners, visit here.

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