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McCann Worldgroup Latin America presents its pieces participating in the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival

CANNES, FRANCE Shortly before the 71st edition of the Cannes Lions International Festival of CreativityMcCann Latin America shared its campaigns registered in the most awaited event by the marketing and advertising industry.

These works reflect the corporation’s mission to build more meaningful brand platforms to drive growth and lasting impact on both brands and culture.

The cases of LATAM (Latin American) agencies in this year’s festival included challenging insights, creative solutions, opportunities in adverse times, innovation, and technology tools, achieving significant results for clients and society.


Below are some of the creative product cases of agencies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic competing in the festival.

Mercado McCann: “Hotel La Argentina” by TyC Sports

Mercado McCann connects this campaign with humor and emotional storytelling with a lot of soccer celebrating the first anniversary of Argentina’s World Cup victory. On that special occasion, all brands prepared something to say, and TyC Sports, being the most popular and beloved sports channel in Argentina, had something very special to share.


McCann Lima: “The Gift Card of Life” by Tottus Supermercado

McCann Lima, together with Tottus, presents “The Gift Card of Life,” the first mammography Gift Card that can be purchased at the supermarket like any other product on the supermarket shelf. This creative and simple innovation has made accessible what was previously unattainable for many Peruvian women: the possibility of accessing an appointment for a preventive check-up by simply scanning a code from their cell phone.

MCCANN LIMA gift card

McCann Colombia: “What happened at the party of Banco of Bogotá?”

This is the story of how McCann Colombia turned a corporate reputation crisis into a platform to reconnect with Generation Z, transforming Banco de Bogotá, the oldest bank in Colombia, into a partner of good and fun moments to share. 

What happened at Bank of Bogotas End of Year party BOARD

MRM Brasil: “Throwback Deals” by Samsung

How can you make up for a not-so-good performance during Black Friday week in a way that’s quick and easy? MRM Brazil found that 85% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. So, it took advantage of this consumer behavior and offered them discounts and old prices, but communicated them in a “particular way” that was thought to be somewhat old-fashioned on the latest product models.


McCann Santiago: “Suburban Paparadzzi” by Chevrolet

Looking for the new Suburban 2024 campaign, McCann Santiago realized that the paparazzi had already done the work. McCann Santiago and Chevrolet took advantage of the thousands of photos on the internet of the world’s most important celebrities next to their iconic SUV. They turned all this valuable material into pieces for their launch campaign.


McCann San José, Costa Rica: “The billboard you shouldn´t read but you can” by Gollo Motors

Billboards are usually simple and brief: large text, few words, and messages that can be read in a few seconds. But what happens when you live in Costa Rica, the country ranking second with the most traffic in Latin America? McCann San José created a billboard circuit for its client Gollo Motors with a particular and timely feature that caught the attention of drivers and planted a debate in the community.

Board Gollo Motors

McCann Santo Domingo, Republica Dominica: “Sticking to Mom” by Anya Damirón

How do you connect families without needing high technology and costs, and still create memorable moments? McCann Santo Domingo achieved this with an emotional idea that unites families through reading by means of technology. The campaign, inspired by real stories of mothers who work remotely, showed how it is possible to be close even when far away and the importance of the connection between parents and children.

Board sticking to mom final

Weber Shandwick and McCann México: “Picalenguas” by Animal Politico

Animal Político, faithful defender of truth and transparency in terms of information and education for society, presents “Picalenguas,” a super-hot sauce that becomes a powerful tool to verify news and denounce corruption. Weber Shandwick and McCann Mexico, together with the best salsa masters, devised the product and its QR code as a platform inspired by local culture and tradition to verify data verification in the news disseminated in the country.


McCann Ecuador: “Disastrous Washes” by Ciclón

This entry is a beautifully crafted idea that tells the epic story of how thousands of clothes go through washing machines daily. McCann Ecuador gave life to scenes that simulate a storm, a shipwreck, and a war. Using garments, bed linen, and kitchen towels, the team created boats to recreate how disastrous every wash without fabric softener can be.

Ciclon Board Disastrous Washes EN

MRM Santiago: “Data Pump” by NotMayo / NotCo.

A simple product test was transformed into the largest mayonnaise study ever conducted, and it was done in Chile, a country where people put mayonnaise on absolutely everything. The results were shared in NotMayo’s launch campaign, which included 100% real images of Chileans enjoying the new product with their favorite foods. As a garnish, they experienced new ways to enjoy mayonnaise user-generated content without them knowing they were generating it.

NotMayo DataPump Board Cannes 2024

McCann Brazil: “The Salvation Hanger” by Salvation Army

This campaign was developed with the objective of increasing clothing donations to the Salvation Army in a different context than usual: in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest shopping mall where hotel rooms were chosen near these malls to place the clothes racks, impacting people and travelers just when packing excessive clothing becomes a problem.


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