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VML Singapore and VML/Grey Colombia win dual Grand Prix at PHNX Awards

SINGAPORE — Purpose-driven campaigns shone brightly at this year’s AdForum PHNX Awards, with VML clinching five Grand Prix awards, propelling it to Network of the Year. VML Singapore was named Agency of the Year, credited with the highest total wins in the competition.

In a remarkable turn of events, two separate juries awarded dual Grand Prix to the same two projects: “Change the Angle” for Lux by VML Singapore, and “Life Extending Stickers” for Makro Colombia by VML/Grey Colombia. These projects triumphed jointly in the Good Causes and Strategy & Technique categories.

Moreover, “Life Extending Stickers” garnered a third Grand Prix in the Design category. This innovative campaign uses stickers on “over-ripe” fruit to suggest recipes, effectively combating food waste. The Grand Prix juries lauded the campaign as simple, effective, and superbly executed.


“Change the Angle” for Lux addresses sexism in sports by incorporating a QR code on female athletes’ sportswear, spotlighting how women are objectified through broadcast camera angles.

Additional winners centered around cause-related themes. The Film Grand Prix was awarded to “Me, My Autism and I” for Vanish by Havas London. This poignant family drama illustrates the significance of specific clothing items for autistic individuals.

The Digital Grand Prix celebrated two victors, including the cause-focused “855 How To Quit (Opioids)” for Anzen Health by Serviceplan Germany, and “Skins4Real” for Gocco by Digitas Uruguay, which enabled kids on Roblox to try virtual fashion and purchase the garments in real life.

The Print Grand Prix was bestowed upon “Natural Intelligence” for Nikon by Circus Grey in Peru. The campaign features stunning photographs of the natural world, encouraging us to explore marvels beyond our digital screens.

Launched during the 2020 lockdown, the AdForum PHNX Awards were established to honor the resilience of creativity. The event stands out in the awards landscape, with a jury comprising creatives, planners, executives, clients, PRs, marketers, consultants, and more, reflecting the diverse industry landscape.

This year, over 1000 jurors voted on the entries online, with Grand Prix winners determined following live panel debates.

Grand Prix Winners:

  • Film: “Me, My Autism and I”, Vanish, Havas London
  • Print: “Natural Intelligence”, Nikon, Circus Grey
  • Digital: “855 How To Quit (Opioids)”, Anzen Health, Serviceplan Germany; “Skins4Real”, Gocco, Digitas Uruguay
  • Strategy & Technique: “Change the Angle”, Lux, VML Singapore; “Life Extending Stickers”, Makro Colombia, VML/Grey Colombia
  • Design: “Life Extending Stickers”, Makro Colombia, VML/Grey Colombia
  • Good Causes: “Change the Angle”, Lux, VML Singapore; “Life Extending Stickers”, Makro Colombia, VML/Grey Colombia


For a complete list of all the gold, silver, and bronze winners, visit the official website here.

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