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Serviceplan Group wins 14 Awards and ranks third for Independent Network of the Year at Cannes Lions 2024

PARIS, FRANCE — Serviceplan Group was named “Independent Network of the Year,” and took home three Golds, three Silvers, and eight Bronzes from the 71st Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Among the Group’s standout successes this year are the first Gold in the Media category for PetPace‘s “Animal Alerts” and the first Gold for Serviceplan Belgium in the Audio and Radio category for Sandoz Deutschland/Hexal AG’s “Could it be that easy?”

Mediaplus Group also enjoyed success at the Cannes Lions, with Mediaplus being named “Number Three Media Network of the Year.”

Anzen Health’s “855-HOW-TO-QUIT-(OPIOIDS)” was awarded five Lions: a Gold in Design for Brand Building and Design-Driven Effectiveness, a Silver in Outdoor, and three Bronzes in Design for Digital & Interactive Design, Direct, Media for Channels use of Audio platforms and in Direct, Excellence in Direct, Art Direction/Design.


PetPace’s “Animal Alerts” won a Gold in Media, a Silver in Creative Data, a Silver in Media, Culture, and Context, and two Bronzes (in Media, Insights, and Media Strategy and Direct, Data, and Technology) for L&C, Serviceplan Innovation, and Mediaplus Serviceplan Middle East collected a Bronze for BMW iJack in Media for Insights and Media strategy.

Dole Pinatex and AIZOME Wastecare each won a Bronze in Creative Effectiveness and Brand Experience & Activatio, respectively.

Alexander Schill, Serviceplan Group Global Chief Creative Officer, commented, “Winning 14 Lions at Cannes Lions showcases Serviceplan Group’s consistent creative excellence. This success also reflects our dedication to innovation, storytelling, and positive change. I am proud of our teams and partners. This is a great outcome of interdisciplinary, international collaboration, highlighting the strength of working together and the power of ÜberCreativity.”

In addition to celebrating its award wins, Serviceplan Group remains committed to nurturing young talent through the SPARK Academy. This year, 25 creatives from five countries came together to learn and be inspired. Hosted at Serviceplan’s House of Communication in Cannes, this annual initiative provides a vibrant platform for young creatives from across the globe to engage, learn, and innovate, reinforcing the group’s role as a catalyst for the next generation of creative leaders.

Watch this year’s Cannes contenders here.

List of awards:

GOLD – Could it be that easy?, Sandoz Deutschland/Hexal AG — Audio & Radio, Excellence in Audio & Radio, Script — Creative Board / SP Belgium / MP / SP H&L

GOLD – Animal Alerts, PetPace // Media, Excellence in Media Craft. Use of Data & Analytics — L&C / SP INNO / Creative Board / MP

GOLD – 855-HOW-TO-QUIT-(OPIOIDS), Anzen Health — Design, Brand Building, Design-Driven Effectiveness — SP INNO / MP Ger / MP US

SILVER – 855-HOW-TO-QUIT-(OPIOIDS), Anzen Health — Outdoor, Culture & Context, Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight — SP INNO / MP Ger / MP US

SILVER – Animal Alerts, PetPace — Media, Culture & Context, Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility — L&C / SP INNO / Creative Board / MP

SILVER – Animal Alerts, PetPace — Creative Data, Use of Real-Time Data — L&C / SP INNO / Creative Board / MP

BRONZE – 855-HOW-TO-QUIT-(OPIOIDS), Anzen Health — Design, Digital & Interactive Design, Digital Design — SP INNO / MP Ger / MP US

BRONZE – Animal Alerts, PetPace — Media, Insights & Media Strategy, Data-Driven Targeting — L&C / SP INNO / Creative Board / MP

BRONZE – Animal Alerts, PetPace — Direct, Data & Technology, Use of Real-Time Data — L&C / SP INNO / Creative Board / MP

BRONZE – BMW IJACK, BMW — Media, Insights & Media Strategy, Audience Insights — SP Middle East

BRONZE – 855-HOW-TO-QUIT-(OPIOIDS), Anzen Health — Media, Channels, Use of Audio Platforms — SP INNO / MP Ger / MP US

BRONZE – 855-HOW-TO-QUIT-(OPIOIDS), Anzen Health — Direct, Excellence in Direct, Art Direction/Design — SP INNO / MP Ger / MP US



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