Google resource page for the Philippine elections visited by people from over 50 countries

MAY 10, 2013 – Google has revealed that the Google Philippines Elections Resource Page, which it maintains for the benefit of those seeking to keep tabs on the Philippine midterm elections scheduled for May 13, Monday, has been registering hits from over 50 countries worldwide, including Uzbekistan, the Netherlands and Finland.

This resource page, which is a collaboration between Google Philippines, online news portals,, and, and broadcast networks ABS-CBN, GMA, SOLARtv and PTV, serves as a one-stop shop for these media partners, allowing concerned citizens and other browsers to easily gain access to election-focused updates from each of these partners.

The site has been specifically organized to enable readers to easily select the kind of content they wish to browse. Links to stories from various news sites take pride of place on the resource page. Video posts are aggregated under a ‘Broadcast Coverage’ tab.


Another tab, in which a Google Map tile is embedded, leverages the power and reach of Google Maps to provide birds’-eye views of locations where electoral violence breaks out. Other site features provide links to information concerning political parties; issues of interest, from corruption to legacy politics; and official links to party resource sites such as homepages.

The Google Philippines Elections Resource Page can be visited at

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