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Fotomoto 22, an exploration of home through photographs, is now open to the public

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As a celebration of photography, Fotomoto opened its annual exhibit to the public at the Parola: UP Fine Arts Gallery. The exhibit, carrying the theme of “Home,” will run until December 09 and then travel to the BenCab Museum in Benguet and to Orange Project at Bacolod Art District in 2023.

Told from the perspective of photographers from all over the country, Fotomoto 22 explores the concept that “sense of home,” while tied to places, may also be as abstract as a feeling, relationship, or ritual.

Elaborating on the theme, Fotomoto Founding Member Gio Panlilio said, “We were curious to see what kind of stories and ideas stuck out to them in this setting. It’s tough because too often, we get so used to our routine and get so familiar with our homes that it can feel like there’s nothing to photograph. After two years of being isolated at home, we wondered what has changed in an artist’s perspective and what they deem worthy of being photographed.”


The exhibition period includes a series of public programming events such as talks, photo project presentations, and portfolio reviews.

According to Fotomoto’s curatorial team, the group’s objective is to promote Philippine photography as a manifestation of shared experiences as a nation, including diversity in perspectives from different geographies, socioeconomic statuses, genders, and ages. Fotomoto aims to foster conversations about photography’s role in our culture and demonstrate ways in which the photographic medium as an art form can express our complex identities.

“I hope that by seeing different perspectives of home, audiences will become reflective, enlightened, and inspired to find ways of improving society through the arts and practical action,” said curator Stephanie Frondoso. 

The Parola UP Fine Arts Gallery is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. To book a visit, send an email here. Strictly no walk-ins allowed. Attendance to Fotomoto’s programs and workshops may be coursed through its Facebook page.

Curator Stephanie Frondoso on Fotomoto’s upcoming exhibit ‘Home’ and the power of photography

Curator Stephanie Frondoso on Fotomoto’s upcoming exhibit ‘Home’ and the power of photography

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