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DoubleVerify unveils AI-powered algorithm optimizer customized for advertisers’ KPIs with Scibids

SINGAPORE — DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, announced the launch of DV Algorithmic Optimizer, an exclusive cutting-edge measurement, and optimization offering with Scibids, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for digital marketing. The combination of DV’s proprietary attention signals and Scibids’ AI-powered ad decisioning enables advertisers to identify the best-performing inventory that maximizes business outcomes and advertising ROI, without sacrificing scale.

DV Algorithmic Optimizer is an industry-first offering that combines DV’s trusted media quality and attention data with Scibids’ proven AI technology to generate optimization algorithms customized to drive advertiser KPIs. For the first time, global advertisers are able to combine end-to-end granular measurement and optimization at scale. With the launch, DV and its clients will be on the forefront of using AI to power attention-based bidding.

In-market campaign results with a number of Fortune 500 brands have demonstrated the efficacy of DV Algorithmic Optimizer. On average, the combined offering resulted in a 63% increase in attention levels and a 95% increase in impressions won across several campaigns.


Advertisers utilizing DV Algorithmic Optimizer will experience meaningful benefits:

  • Maximize business outcomes and ROI across all addressable paid media bought programmatically by incorporating a sophisticated attention index score in a multidimensional dynamic optimization.
  • Assure continuous optimization through integrating DV’s impression-level media quality and attention data and Scibids’ proprietary AI technology in optimization algorithms.
  • Streamline manual efforts and drive operational efficiencies by employing automated bidding across leading DSPs, including Google’s DV360, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and Xandr, to name a few.

“The DV Algorithmic Optimizer is a significant advancement for advertisers seeking to maximize the impact of their campaigns through a focus on attention,” said Daniel Slotwiner, SVP of Attention at DoubleVerify. “By harnessing DoubleVerify’s attention measurement alongside Scibids’ AI, we provide brands with the critical tools they need to serve ads on top-performing inventory while preserving the scale and maximizing efficiency.”

Scibids build AI that automates and optimizes programmatic buying of digital ad campaigns. Leveraging DSP impression-level data feeds (including price), first-party data, and measurement data provided by the brands or their agencies, Scibids AI dynamically generates custom bidding algorithms aligned with client KPIs and desired outcomes.

“With its massive scale and near-real-time data, digital marketing is the ideal environment for deploying machine learning,” said Remi Lemonnier, CEO & Co-founder of Scibids. “The combination of Scibids AI’s capabilities and DV’s expertise in attention measurement brings valuable new data critical to driving business results for advertisers across channels. Our partnership lets us offer mutual advertisers cutting-edge solutions that precisely and efficiently align campaign delivery with business goals through enhanced attention metrics,” Remi added.

In 2023, nearly 80 advertisers have activated DV Authentic Attention, an MRC-accredited, privacy-friendly performance measurement solution that operates independently of cookies – already surpassing the total number activated in 2022. Strengthening its position further, DV recently introduced Universal Attention Segments, a tool that enables brands to optimize campaign performance at scale pre-bid by identifying high-attention inventory. The company also recently announced a partnership with TVision to bring attention-based measurement to CTV, offering the most holistic solution for advertisers looking to maximize their performance on CTV at scale.

Scibids’ clients include all major holding companies and independent agencies, as well as top global brands like Spotify, Allianz, and Dell.

To delve deeper into the evolving world of attention measurement and address its partnership with Scibids, DoubleVerify invites all attendees at Cannes Lions 2023 to join the company on the DV Yacht, ASYA, between June 19th and 22nd. On Tuesday, June 20th, DV will host a panel discussion, “From Buzz to Bottom Line: How Leading Brands are Making Attention Pay,” that will explore the topic of attention-focused advertising and its potential to revolutionize the digital ad landscape.

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