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Twilio debuts CustomerAI ahead of Signal 2023

SINGAPORE, June 8, 2023 — Twilio, the customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for today’s leading brands, has unveiled CustomerAI ahead of SIGNAL, its upcoming user and developer conference.

Twilio’s CustomerAI couples the power of large language models (LLMs) with the rich customer data that flows through Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform to help companies unlock the potential of their customers. On behalf of more than 300,000 active customer accounts, Twilio powers more than a trillion customer interactions every year. From text messages and calls to web and mobile activity and from contact center conversations to email correspondence, these signals capture a picture of who each customer is. With CustomerAI, Twilio can empower businesses to organize and pair that knowledge with generative and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to help them to understand better and provide more profound value to their customers.

“In this next great era of computing, shaped by advancements in artificial intelligence, brands have a massive opportunity to deepen their customer relationships. To help make that a reality, Twilio is infusing CustomerAI into customer touchpoints across marketing, sales, and service,” said Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio. “With generative and predictive intelligence, Twilio’s high-quality interaction data, and Segment profiles working together, every experience can be highly personalized and tuned with a level of sophistication previously only attainable by the tech giants. With Twilio CustomerAI, brands can transform customer relationships and unlock their full potential.”


At SIGNAL 2023, attendees can expect a deep dive into the application of AI and its seismic impact on CX and technology today. Twilio will convene dozens of world-leading experts, including special guest Sam Altman of OpenAI and thought leaders from brands such as Autodesk, Plentiful, and Workday. Live from the keynote stage and across over 20 breakout sessions and product deep dives, Twilio will showcase the ways that CustomerAI can unlock digital greatness, including how it can:

  • Enrich Segment’s “Golden Profiles”

Using LLM and natural language processing (NLP), Twilio will infer traits about a customer in real-time based on customer conversations, such as messages, and automatically update Segment customer profiles with these learned attributes. Profiles can be updated with both unstructured customer conversation data as well as structured database information to more deeply understand customers and interact with them based on predictions like propensity to purchase or propensity to churn.

  • Transform the Contact Center

At a macro level, supervisors and executives will have greater visibility into the trends impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of their contact center. Here, Twilio Flex will leverage NLP to derive insights on trends such as top intents, hot topics, and call costs, and generative AI to create actionable recommendations about operational tasks like agent training and knowledge base updates. At the agent level, generative AI will equip agents with a “TLDR” of the customer’s history, followed by customized AI-generated responses during the interaction that are informed by the customer’s Segment profile as well as an LLM that has been trained on the knowledgebase.

    • Optimize Personalized Marketing Experiences

Working with the Segment “golden profile,” generative and predictive AI will streamline the ideation and execution of campaigns while curating high-quality, bespoke end-user experiences. Predictive AI will offer marketers guidance on the most impactful Segment customer journey for each customer; for example, whether they prefer to see a paid ad or a custom email. Generative and predictive AI will also recommend the most optimal marketing channel, send-time, and content for that tactic. Informed by “golden profile” data in Segment, this is also personalized to the individual customer – a welcome custom approach that boosts brand loyalty, according to 86% of consumers today.

    • Visualize and Control Critical Customer Metrics

In a central dashboard, business leaders and marketers can access AI-powered insights and smart recommendations about their customers. With visibility into predicted traits such as propensity to purchase, and others such as estimated lifetime value (LTV) and churn risk, businesses can make informed decisions about their engagement strategies. Here, additional insights will be surfaced, including customer journey performance, channel performance, and message effectiveness.

“We are thrilled to start showcasing the impact of CustomerAI across the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform. CustomerAI is all about making it faster and easier for companies to deliver truly personalized experiences to customers,” said Kathryn Murphy, SVP of Product Management at Twilio. “Customers are real-time. And they interact with companies in lots of different ways. A customer might be having a tough experience and engaged with the call center, but does marketing know about that? And is marketing suppressing a message or sending something with the right tone? This is one example, and traditionally it’s been super hard to pull off. But that’s exactly what CustomerAI is helping companies to do: make customer engagement real-time and personalized.”

As Twilio develops these new AI-powered capabilities and enhancements to push the envelope of what’s possible for customers, it is leveraging its own proprietary technology and working with a close group of trusted, world-class partners that meet its privacy and data protection standards.

Critically, Twilio is committed to building CustomerAI safely and responsibly. As a part of this commitment, Twilio makes privacy and security by design into our product development lifecycle and will ensure companies have full transparency and control of the data that informs AI-powered interactions with their customers.

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