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BBDO Bangkok and Thai Health Promotion Foundation create AbsorbPlate, the world’s first design innovation that makes Thai food less greasy

BANGKOK – Thai food is delicious but sometimes very greasy. There are hundreds of stir-fry and deep-fry dishes cooked with oil. These greasy dishes cause Thais to have the second highest obesity rate in South East Asia, and create a prevalence of health problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Unhealthy eating behaviour is hard to change, and most Thai people go for what’s delicious. How can BBDO Bangkok help Thai people eat healthier without changing their regular meal? They decided to tackle how Thais eat their food.

In cooperation with Thai Health Promotion Foundation, BBDO Bangkok created “AbsorbPlate,” the world’s first innovative design that makes Thai food less greasy and allow people to eat healthier in every meal.


Hundreds of tiny holes inspired by the texture of sponge make AbsorbPlate able to separate excess oil from food before people eat it. The plate can reduce up to 7 ml of grease or approximately 30 calories per plate. The plates were designed to be easy to wash. In order to eat healthier, all they need to do is just continue their regular eating behavior on the plate.

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