Campaign Spotlight: Apple’s Latest Campaign from TBWA\ Media Arts Lab will “Bounce” the Blues Away on the Gloomy Days


Words by Bea Cerda

Whether it’s the gloomy weather, the morning commute, or the idea of what the day brings, you probably just want to go back to bed once your alarm clock rings. But mornings aren’t really this bad! If you’re having a bad morning, bop your head to the tune of your favorite upbeat song and you’re all good to go.

Apple‘s latest campaign for its AirPods created by TBWA\ Media Arts Lab called “Bounce”, will make you feel the sun shining and the birds chirping as it shows you how to make your mornings better. The 2-minute video features a black and white overall look which transforms a city into a magical world of trampolines. Just like you, a cheerless worker begins the day in a dread but soon bounces to Tessellated’s “I Learnt Some Jazz Today” with a simple plug of his AirPods, literally and figuratively raising his spirits as the rest of the folks at the bus stop and the city remain gloomy and gray.

Although Apple has been known for its iconic ads full of vibrant colors from the early 2000, they have clearly taken a big turn with regards to marketing the AirPods. Removing color from the visuals of their ads, they bring emphasis to the high quality experience brought by the simplicity of using the product.


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