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Campaign Spotlight: Bonjour. Sid Lee develops new app for Paris public transport

PARIS, FRANCE – Bonjour to the future of mobility, the future of service. Bonjour to new functions and innovations and an experience more adapted to your needs. Bonjour to Paris public transport operator RATP’s new application. With a more intuitive and convivial graphic environment, the refreshed look is more accessible and welcoming, starting with its name – Bonjour RATP. The application is part of a major rebranding designed by Sid Lee Paris for the public transport operator which aims to respond to contemporary consumer needs by transforming into a MaaS (mobility as a service) incorporating every transport users need.

The new strategy, which aims to humanize the public transportation brand and position it as a companion for travelers throughout their trip, is emboldened with a fresh graphic universe – a fairly radical change for those used to RATP’s previous look, which was reassuring and familiar but decades old. It was time for a new visual identity so RATP called on Sid Lee Paris to create a simplified look for a much more enhanced experience, a modern visual identity that reassures, is easy to use and, above all, inspires simplicity and confidence.

That identity begins with a new name for the brand’s app. A universal word with a French identity, “Bonjour RATP” is there to greet commuters daily. It’s welcoming, simple and easy to remember, like the intuitive iconography and color codes Sid Lee Paris created to help users uncover all of the features of the app. A graphic universe, which Sid Lee Paris developed with illustrators Mathilde Vallée and Alexandre Nart, inspired by the metro brings conviviality and vigor to RATP Group’s new promise. Thanks to several partnerships, users can not only find information about the metro on Bonjour RATP, they now have the possibility to reserve bikes through the city’s bike-sharing program Vélib’, cabs through Paris’s ride-hailing service Marcel, and, electric scooters TIER, as well as search for restaurants, cinemas and other activities in different neighborhoods. With the new branding, which will be integrated into Bonjour RATP internal and external communication, including OOH, DOOH and digital, Bonjour RATP makes “the city as simple as Bonjour”.


“Imagining and developing the rebranding of the RATP app has been a very special project for us at Sid Lee Paris. The opportunity to work on such an iconic brand that has been a part of every single Parisian’s daily life for the past 73 years is a rare opportunity. We are very proud to have helped the RATP Group marketing team position, rename and redesign the brand as a daily trustful companion and to bring it to another level in a crowded urban mobility industry. To do so, we needed to own the city again while bringing to the table a true but often under-rated value proposition: simplicity. All this, with an ultra ownable tonality and visual territory, light and full of enthusiasm. – Jean-Baptiste Destabeau, Client Director, Sid Lee Paris.

Mathilde Vallée: Mathilde is an independent designer based in Paris focused on giving life and character to brands, mixing well-thought-out strategy with sense of play and detail.

Alexandre Nart: Born in Bordeaux and now based in Paris, Alexandre is a director, illustrator and animator with a playful touch and a retro sense of style. Inspired by the 80’s cartoons he watched when he was younger, his work is filled with humour and vibrant, kinetic energy.


Brand : RATP
Marketing and Commercial Director, RATP Group : Delphine Nathan
Customer experience director : Monia Bensalem
Services communication Manager: Emmanuelle Sebban-Goldenberg
Account Managers: Manon Druez, Maxime Chauray

President : Johan Delpuech
Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
Creative Director : Sylvain Thirache
Account Director : Jean-baptiste Destabeau
Account Manager : Eva Lo-Ré, Louisa Chaouche Teyara
Account Executive: Cécile Driay
Art Director : Jessy Kikabou, Olivier Bodet
Copywriter : Max Harrington
Illustrator : Alexandre Nart

Production :
Directeur de la Production : Thomas Laget
Producteur : Laetitia Neves
Designer & illustrator : Mathilde Vallée & Alexandre Nart


About Velib: With more than 20,000 self-service bicycles at 1,400 stations in Paris and some 60 nearby communes in the immediate vicinity, Vélib’ Métropole is the largest shared bike service in the world.

About Marcel: Marcel is the chauffeur-driven car reservation service for business and personal travel in the Paris region.
We are committed to sustainable urban mobility:

  • 100% of CO2 emissions are offset in partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation
  • 1 out of 3 drivers is equipped with a 100% electric or hybrid vehicle
  • all our drivers are trained in eco-driving

Today, we have more than 500,000 users and 1,260 corporate clients.
With Marcel, the group has chosen a responsible company that respects its customers, its partner drivers and the environment. Whatever the vehicle chosen by the customer, all CO2 emissions generated are offset with Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Goodplanet Foundation

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