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Campaign Spotlight: EYEYAH! launches Fake News Quiz for kids in collaboration with Media Literacy Council, Nickelodeon and Kahoot

SINGAPORE – As the global attention to fake news and how to deal with it continues, one place many are looking for solutions is in the classroom. Studies ( how that students across all ages struggle to determine fake news from true stories. Social enterprise EYEYAH! today releases a fake news quiz hosted on popular game-based learning platform Kahoot. The quiz is supported by a series of 60 second “Video Riddles” that present news headlines and eye-catching animations, challenging viewers to determine whether they are true or false, within a fixed timeframe. The series of 10 will be broadcast in between shows across Singapore and South East Asia via Nickelodeon.



The fake news quiz poses 20 illustrated News headlines, genuine ones, and fake ones invented by EYEYAH!’s network of young fans. Timed specifically to launch in schools as an end of exams activity, the quiz is designed to improve critical thinking and awareness around fake news. The quiz is supported by a free toolkit made up of an ice breaker to introduce the quiz to students, followed by a menu of fun creative thinking development activities, discussion topics and hands-on activities designed to deepen the learning whilst nurturing child-led learning, critical thinking and creative confidence.

Says Tanya Wilson, Founder EYEYAH! “With an increase in clickbait headlines and the speed at which we receive and consume information daily, it is becoming increasingly difficult to spot the real news from the fake. Our quiz is built around a singular message which we believe kids should grasp from as young as primary school – pause to consider before assuming what you read online is true.”

“Media literacy is an integral component in a child’s education, especially in this digital day and age where information – and misinformation – travels so quickly. We are delighted to be supporting this series which helps kids develop their critical thinking skills, reinforcing the important message about pausing to consider before assuming something is true and sharing it,” Said Syahrizan Mansor, Vice President, Nickelodeon Asia, ViacomCBS Networks Asia.

The initiative is supported under the Better Internet X Youth Call-for-Proposal (CFP), which was launched by the Media Literacy Council in 2017 to support Digital Literacy community initiatives that promote online safety, responsibility and civility.

Mr Lock Wai Han, Chairman of the Media Literacy Council said “The Internet has pervaded our lives as a convenient and important source of information and this phenomenon has been accompanied by the proliferation of misinformation in the online space. It is now more critical than ever to educate youths to be discerning in consuming information from online sources. We are proud to support EYEYAH!’s efforts to promote digital literacy, and believe that driving these crucial learning points through gamification will enhance the experiences of students as they pick up critical thinking skills and become better equipped to navigate the online space.”

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