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Campaign Spotlight: Finding the new ways of Colombia: the TV show that brought together the talent of McCann, Chevrolet and Discovery

CAQUETÁ, COLOMBIA — In April, the documentary “Finding the New Roads of Colombia” was premiered on Discovery Channel across Latin America, an idea that was born two years ago from Commonwealth / McCann Colombia team with its client Chevrolet in mind.

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The audiovisual production travels through Caquetá, that has almost the size of Portugal, one of the territories that was in the midst of violence and which is one of the most biodiverse and least explored in the country, to show the world landscapes with waterfalls that are part of the Amazon, such as the Cañón del Pato, the Cave of the 7 Colors or Anayacito. In addition, it reveals the stories of people who today could find in tourism, agriculture and sports a new chance of life and an alternative for reactivation.


“Our obsession is that the brands we work for embody their reason for being in the best possible way. How far can you go to make your vision come true? In this case, we proposed that Chevrolet effectively break new ground, no one else could meaningfully tell this story that takes us to places practically unknown geographically and emotionally. This is an incredibly personal and collective journey where fortunately it was also possible to find a great partner like Discovery”, says Samuel Estrada, President of McCann’s Creative Leadership Council in Latin America and Director of Commonwealth / McCann South America West.

“As part of its commitment to Colombia, Discovery is dedicated to initiatives and audiovisual productions that highlight the landscapes, places, biodiversity and culture of the country, with the help of local allies. FINDING THE NEW ROADS OF COLOMBIA is part of this corporate initiative that was possible thanks to the alliance with Chevrolet, which today allows us to get closer to the Colombian audience”, says Andrea Hernández, Adsales & Planning Director of Discovery in Colombia.

For Chevrolet, joining this type of production “demonstrates our brand commitment to help Colombians ‘to enter new roads in our country, which for several years had not been traveled,” says Diana Reynoso, General Motors Marketing Manager.

The filming of this production had the participation of inhabitants of the area who, in addition to sharing their life stories, were the guides to an area known as “the gateway to the Amazon.”

“El Caquetá is a wild land, but at the same time full of wealth. Beyond the paradise that we found, we were able to discover the hearts of those who, despite their past, today bet on a present full of hope,” highlights María Alejandra Cardona, journalist, and host of the documentary.


Regional Business Director: Samuel Estrada
Account Director: Gaëlle Bouletreau
Head of Art: Niccolo Alarcon
Copywriter : Nicolás Prieto
Global CCO : Matt Canzano
Global COO : Grant Theron
Global Strategy Director : Diana Ceausu
Content Director: Luis Cortes
SVP Director Global Creative Operations : Samantha Ankemy
Regional Creative Director: Alejandro Bermudez
Film Director: María Victoria de Narvaez
Host/ Journalist: María Alejandra Cardona

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