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Campaign Spotlight: G-Star’s new film uses deepfake technology to urge you to wear your denim jeans longer

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — Luxury denim brand G-Star RAW and The Family Amsterdam launched an atmospheric film with an unconventional message: a pair of G-Star jeans should be worn for considerably longer than just one season.

The film, directed by HALAL’s Paul Geusebroek, parallels the gradual wear and tear of jeans with the graceful aging process of a man. The central character appears to walk through time from spring to winter, and appears to grow gradually older, from a fresh-faced youth to an older characteristic man – an effect achieved by using deepfake technology. Featuring a poetic voiceover, the film’s message to “Wear your denim till the End” shows how your jeans’ process of aging is something natural, responsible, and beautiful.


“At its core, this film is about G-Star’s mission to improve the social and environmental impact of their products, without compromising what makes it a special and universally loved brand,” said Joris Kuijpers, executive creative director at The Family.

“Waste is amongst the biggest issues in the fashion industry. What’s special about denim is that it can last a lifetime, if you take care of it and embrace its different stages of life. Which is exactly what Paul Geusebroek has expressed in this film. Once again, he has directed a spot that transcends mere marketing, telling a very human story with elegance and panache.”

The film follows a man from his twenties through to old age, walking through a mysterious hall of concrete monoliths. Time-lapse photography and dramatic cinematography signal the passing of time at a rapid pace around the man and his jeans as the elements ripple around him through monolithic corridors, revealing subtle changes to both man and denim as they are eroded by wind, sand, and snow. But the man and his jeans continue remorselessly on, changed but unbowed – shining a positive light on the subtle signs of aging and wear.

The aging process of the spot was the result of a collaboration between post-house Ambassadors and AI specialist, using deepfake technology to show a person at different stages of their life. This involved a process of physically capturing multiple facial expressions, by filming the actor from all angles with a multi-camera set-up. An AI algorithm in combination with proprietary software from then created a digital human that looks exactly like the main character. That digital model – in combination with shots of different actors at different ages, plus VFX – all helped create the realistic story of a man and his jeans. The team at Ambassadors further integrated each aged and de-aged version of the protagonist into the film by transferring the subtlety of human expression from one face to another, removing lines, augmenting certain parts, and completely reshaping heads when necessary.

G-Star RAW’s message is straightforward: high-quality raw denim is a more responsible choice for your wardrobe and our planet.“Raw denim is at the core of our brand DNA,” said Gwenda van Vliet, G-Star CMO. “At G-Star, we embrace the aging process of denim and we are proud of how we have been able to capture the beauty of this journey in the latest global brand campaign. I really see this as a call out to value your denim and wear it longer.”

To celebrate this durability, G-Star is offering a lifetime warranty for its new capsule collection: a range of raw denim garments for both men and women.

The “Wear your denim till the End” campaign will be launched as part of G-Star’s RAW Responsibility Strategy, and will be underpinned by a social and digital marketing push, which includes a global rollout focused on the USA, Germany, Japan & South Africa.


Client: G-Star RAW
Agency: The Family Amsterdam
Production company: HALAL Amsterdam
Director: Paul Geusebroek
DOP: Albert Salas
Executive Producer: Job Sanders
Senior Producer: Natalie Wetherell
Service Production company: Solent

VFX: Ambassadors
Deep Fake: Revel.Ai
Grading: Crabsalad
Offline edit: Brian Ent
Music company: Sizzer
Audiomix: Sauvage Sound

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