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Campaign Spotlight: Geometry Colombia shows off the vibrancy of Latin American women’s soccer

COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA – As Latin America’s impassioned sports community celebrate the women’s football competition Copa América Femenina, creative agency Geometry Colombia delivered vibrant initiatives to bring out its creativity. The agency hosted the inauguration, the closure, and the seminar “Fútbol con F de Femenino” (Football with F for Feminine) to highlight the talent of Latin American women’s soccer. 

The inauguration and closing required more than 80 hours of rehearsal and a team of roughly 50 logistical personnel to bring to life. Puerto Rican musical duo Domino Saints was also present in both events with the hit song “Rockstar,” reaching thousands of homes through a live stream for the entire region.


In union for Latin American women’s soccer, Geometry also organized the second version of the seminar “Fútbol con F de Femenino,” providing a space to commemorate this sport, delve into its history, its challenges, and its protagonists. The event was attended by more than 50 guests and was transmitted live online.

This seminar’s objective was to generate opportunities and expand this sport of talented women, those who fight to give it the place it deserves, and those who continue to become the best of Latin American soccer. These projects have been a celebration of soccer, of women’s soccer, and what their competitors represent — a prime example of creativity that converts. 

Watch the full campaign video below:

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